On-Line Classes



Health 1 Summer 2016 sylabus



•    Online students - Fall 2016 starts 8/22.  You will have access to your class

      prior to that day.

  1.     To access your online class go to:   https://saddleback.blackboard.com and type

       in your username and password.  If you don't know what your username or

       password is, please go to the link below.

  1.     If you have any technical difficulties or need help, go to:  


  1.    Make sure you go to the "getting started" link and review the orientation and all

      material.  You must purchase your book prior to the first class in both classes

      and in Health 1 you will need to make sure you purchase the "Connect" with your

      book.  The "Introduce Yourself" section is your first assignment.

•   “CONNECT” Technical Support   Visit: www.mhhe.com/support  Call: (800) 331-5094

      Monday–Thursday 6AM –9PM Friday 6AM – 4PM Sunday 4PM – 9PM