Dr. McElroy

Dr. McElroy


Courses I’m teaching in the  Fall of 2017 are:

KNES 105 Mental Skills in sports Performance  (On-line class)

HLTH 1     Contemporary Health (On-Line Class)

KNES 81  Beach Volleyball  (Beginning, Intermediate, Adv.)  (Will use Blackboard for assignments)

See the Saddleback College course schedule for ticket number information.

Dr. McElroy is the Head Football Coach at Saddleback College. This site is designed to meet the needs of the students that are currently enrolled in his kinesiology classes.  There will be important information that the students will need to access, such as course requirements, directions to off-campus classes and other specific requirements that are needed by the students that take the unique courses that are taught by Dr. McElroy.  Some of these courses include Beach Volleyball, Rock climbing, Health and Sport Psychology.  The classes that Dr. McElroy teaches are meant for students of all ages and he has experienced great success with young and old alike. 
If students come to the class with a willing heart and enthusiasm, they will have great success in developing their physical skills in the activity they are involved in.  Dr. McElroy believes if you keep active, you will live a long and healthy life.  This site also includes pertinent information for football players that are currently enrolled in the football program at Saddleback College.  Feel free to look around the site.  It should answer most questions that you will have about the class that you are enrolled in.  The hyperlinks on this site are in gray or yellow, just run the curser over it to make sure. 

For general information about my classes, please click on the above links.  If you are enrolled in any of my classes, please check your Saddleback College email (through MySite) during the week before classes begin.

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