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U.S History

Saddleback College


Welcome to US History

History 16:  Pre 1492 - 1876

History 17:  1876 - 1989

History 22:  Pre 1492 - 1989

All three are Survey Courses in U.S. History.  Each course will examine the social, political, and economic variables that have influenced major events in American History during those times.  All three courses meet the transfer requirements for UC and CSU, and satisfy the Saddleback College AA graduation requirements in American History.  Additionally:

- INTERNET:  These courses are taught via the Internet.  There are no traditional class meetings, nor requirements to come to campus.  Weekly material is submitted to me.

- COURSE WORK: Lectures + Presentations are Pre-recorded. You choose the time during the week to follow the lectures and do the school work.

- BLACKBOARD: Interaction is conducted via Blackboard, which also serves as the repository for course material.

- FUN RESEARCH PROJECT: A Semester-long project encourages you to research an historical topic of particular interest to you and your career:  finance, medicine, law, engineering, science, etc.  Whatever your interest, there is a US History view.  And if it interests you, it will be fun.

Current Courses:

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