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Department of Sociology





Sociology is the study of society and human behavior. Specifically, sociology analyzes the external environment of the individual for cues to his or her behaviors and actions (group influences).

2 main goals of Sociology:

  • 1) Understand the meaning of behavior- as sociologists, we want to understand why people act in the manners they do.  Why does someone become a criminal? Why does an individual stay in an abusive relationship? Sociologists do not necessarily say that the behaviors or actions are inherently good or bad; rather, we analyze the cause and effect relationships.
  • 2) Describe, explain, and predict social issues and human behaviors- When we say the term “analyze” we mean…describing what is occurring, explaining what is occurring, and predicting the outcome of the particular issue.  Predicting involves making generalizations or probability statements to ultimately solve and understand social problems. 

Sociology can be applied to all aspects of our lives!