Magdalenian burial site. Notice the red ochre halo around the body saturate after decomposition. She also has many awls, sewing needles and jewelry. She is an example of how different we are from our relatives the neandertals.










Anth 9: Introduction to Archaeology


An introduction to the study of concepts, theories, and methods of anthropological archaeology, and a review of significant data and models that contribute to knowledge of the human past. Includes a discussion of the history and interdiscplinary nature of archaeological research; dating techniques and methods of survey, excavation, and analyses; cultural resource management, and selected cultural sequences. An on-site excavation excercise is conducted towrd the end of the course to determine the student's level of comprehension of methods discussed in class.


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Introduction to Archaeology Online Syllabus


Introduction to Archaeology On Campus Syllabus


     Men flintknapping...


  Me flintknapping notice the difference?