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Current Memberships:

AAPA, American Association of Physical Anthropologists

AAAS, American Association for the Advancement of Science

SAA, Society for American Arcaheology

WMA, Western Museum Association









Professor Renee Garcia

Office: BGS 348

Tel.: 949.582.4832



2011           Certificate for Completion, Forensic Taphonomy Workshop, University of Tennesse, "The Body Farm", Tennesse

Current        Graduate Program, Université de Toulouse, Toulouse, France.

1995            DEA d’Anthropologie, Masters degree, Université de Bordeaux I, France.

1994            Certificate de la Cours “Civilisation Française,” Université de la Sorbonne, France.

1993            Bachelor of Arts, Department of Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley.

1991            AA, transfer,  San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, CA.



2005-current     Full-Time Professor, Saddleback College, Anthropology Dept., Mission Viejo, CA. 

2002-2005        Adjunct Professor, Mira Costa College. Anthropology Dept., Oceanside, CA

2000-2002        Adjunct Professor, University of San Diego, Anthropology Dept., San Diego, CA.

2001-2002        Adjunct Professor, Grossmont College, Anthropology Dept., San Diego, CA.

2002                 Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA.

2000-2001       Adjunct Professor, San Diego Mesa College, Biological and Cultural Anthropology.

1994-1998       Research Associate, Dept. of Biological Anthropology, National

                               Center for Scientific Research, Musée de l’Homme, Paris, France.

1994-Present    Honorary Research Associate, San Diego Museum of Man



2006            Optimal Synergy of Engineering and Life Sciences, Palais des Papes, Avignon.

2006             “To Be or Not To Be Neandertal”, Aliso Viejo Library, Aliso Viejo, Ca.

2005             “Neandertals”, MiraCosta College, Oceanside, Ca.

2004             “Classifying Fossil Hominids: How Paleoanthropologists do it”, AIA, San Diego.

2003             “Forensic Anthropology”, Natural History Museum, San Diego.

2003             “Archaeology 101”, Natural History Museum, San Diego.

2002             “Natural Selection and Human Development”, Natural History Museum, San Diego.

2002             “Paleontology 101”, Natural History Museum, San Diego.

2002             “Human Paleontology”, Natural History Museum, San Diego.

2002             “To be or not to be: a Neandertal,” American Institute of Archaeology.

1997             “L’analyse quantitative de la structure des parois crâniennes chez les     néandertaliens et l’homme moderne,” College de France, by invitation of Prof. Yves Coppens.

1996             “The use of the CT scanner in the study of Neandertal cranial structure,” a lecture given by invitation of Dr. D. Jeffries of the Dept. of Zoology at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

1996              The same lecture given by invitation of Dr. Rose Tyson of the San Diego Museum     of Man, San Diego, California.

1995              “Application de la tomographie informatisée et de l’imagerie virtuelle a l’analyse quantitative de la structure des parois crâniennes,” présentation in French to the members of the Dept. of Biological Anthropology at the Université de Bordeaux

1995              “The structure of the cranial walls in Neandertals,” a lecture given by invitation of Dr. Barbolla, Dept. of Humanities, San Diego Mesa College.

1994              Invited speaker for “Minorities in Scientific research,” San Diego Mesa College Minority Student Mentoring Program.


2013            Diplacement, Disasters, and Human Rights Symposium, U of Tennessee.

2012           WMA, Western Museum Association, Palm Springs, CA.

2012            AAPA, American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Portland, OR

2012            Human Skeletal Biology conference, Portland, OR

2012            Paleopathology conference Portland, OR

2012            Society of Archaeology, San Diego, CA.

2011            SWAA, Southwestern Archaeology Association, Reno, NV

2011            Completion of the Forensic Taphonomy course at the Univ. of Tennessee

2006            Research and lecture, Avignon, France.

2003            College de France, research and lecture, Paris, France.

2002            Museum of Canadian Civilization, Ottawa, CT scanning of cranial                collection to be repatriated.

2002            University of the Pacific, San Francisco. CT scanning of crania from the Atkinson Collection.

2001            Museum of Man and Balboa Naval Hospital.  CT scanning of modern human crania soon to be repatriated.

1997            Harvard University and Beth Israel Hospital, CT scanned fossil specimen.

1996            British Natural History Museum and Kings College Hospital.  CT scanned numerous fossil and  modern human crania.

1996            Gadjah Mada University and Pondok Indah Hospital, Yogjakarta and Jakarta respectively.  CT scanned two H. erectus crania.

1995            Laboratoire d’Anthropologie, Université de Bordeaux I. CT scanned the Neandertal specimens of  Saint-Cèsaire, Biache 1, and  Marillac.

1995            Musée Luigi Pigorini, CT scanned of the Neandertal specimen Guattari 1

1995            Institut Royale des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, CT scanned two Neandertal specimens Spy 1 and  2.

1995            Stuttgart, Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde in Stuttgart. CT scanned the middle Pleistocene specimen of Steinheim.

1994            Musée de l’Homme and Val de Grace Hospital, Paris France.  CT scanned numerous Neandertal and modern human crania.


Fall 2011           Introduction to Archaeology, online course, Saddleback College.

Fall 2010           Introduction to Forensic Anthropology, Saddleback College.

Spring 2009       Paleo Lab, Geology Dept, Saddleback College.

Fall 2009           The Biological Evolution of Human Nature, Saddleback College.

Spring 2008       Introduction to Archaeology, Saddleback College.

Spring 2007       Globalization from an Anthropological Perspective, Saddleback. College.

Fall 2006           Intro to Archaeology, Saddleback College.

Spring 2005       Intro. Physical Anthropology & LAB, Saddleback College.

Spring 2005       Intro. Physical Anthropology, MiraCosta College.

Fall 2004           Intro. Physical Anthropology LAB, Saddleback College.

Spring 2004       Intro. Physical Anthropology, MiraCosta College.

Spring 2002       Ancient Dead: Bioarchaeology, University of San Diego.

Spring 2002       Intro. Biological Anthropology, Grossmont College.

Fall 2001           Forensic Anthropology, National University, San Diego.

Fall 2001           Intro. Biological Anthropology, University of San Diego.

Fall 2001           Intro. Biological Anthropology, San Diego State University

Summer 2001   Intro. Biological Anthropology, Palomar College, San Diego

Spring 2001       Ice Age Ancestors: Upper level course, University San Diego.

Spring 2001       Introduction to Biological Anthropology, San Diego Mesa College.

Summer 2000    Intro. Biol. Anthro., San Diego Mesa College.

Fall 2000           Intro. Biol. Anthro., University of San Diego

Fall 2000           Intro. Biol. Anthro. and Intro. Cultural Anthropology, San Diego Mesa College.


1992-1994   Zafarraya, Southern Spain. A Mousterian cave site where Neandertal remains have been found.

1992            Cagny, an Acheulean open air site in Northern France.

1989            Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt.



2011                        Certificate of completion Forensic Taphonomy course, Univ. of Tennessee.

2005            Hired as a full-time, tenure track, instructor at Saddleback College

1999            Scholarship from the American Association of Museums.

1997            Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation for the Graduate             Research Fellowship.

1996-1997   Nominated Research Associate by the San Diego Museum of Man.1995-1996            Fyssen Foundation Fellowship for doctoral research.

1993            Minority Scholarship, Dept. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley.