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Biological Sciences Department

Top of Kelso Dunes, Eastern Mojave National Preserve CA 2011



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Summer 2020 Office Hours:

Office:      SCI 219

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Please email me

Phone:    (949) 582 - 4741



    steh AT Saddleback dot EDU

If I'm not in my office, check the lab/class I was in






Biological Science and Other Scholarships
Apply here

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Plant Cell Biology

Center for Plant Biology at UC Riverside - Apply here

USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies Research Experience for Undergraduates @ Catalina Island (10 weeks)

Application Deadline: TBD

Information Flyer & How to Apply - here

Chapman University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Earth & Environmental Sciences (SURFEES)


Program Dates: TBD

Application Deadline: TBD

Information Flyer - here


Lake Forest Garden Club Scholarship $2500

Application Deadline: TBD

Requirements and How to Apply- Here

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University of California, Irvine - Saddleback College

Summer Undergraduate Research

Program Dates: 24 June - 1 August 2019

Application Deadline: 3 June 2019

Information and Application - Here



Biological Society - Saddleback College

Semi-Annual Scientific Meeting

Fall and Spring semesters

Contact Dr. Marcelo Pires or Dr. Abby Sirlunik or Dr. Tony Huntley


Bio 12 Podcasts





Lava Tube - Mojave National Preserve

Biology 4A Spring 2020

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Biology 4B Spring 2020


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Mojave National Preserve

Biology 20 Spring 2020





Crystal Lake, Mammoth Lakes CA

Biology 30 Summer 2020

Human Biology

Courses Taught at Saddleback:
Biology 1A - Animal Diversity & Ecology: F1999 - 2002
Biology 1B - Plant Diversity & Genetics: SP2000 - 2003
Biology 3A - General Biology I: F03 to SP15
Biology 3B - General Biology II: SP04 to SP17

Biology 18 - Introduction to Ecology: F2002
Biology 20 - Introduction to Biology: F1999 to present

Biology 30 - Human Biology: F10 to present

Field Studies - Desert, Mountains and Coastal

Biology 4A - Cellular & Molecular Biology - F 2016 to present

Biology 4B - Organismal Biology - SP 2017 to present

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