Professor T. DeDonno
CIM205A Web Development - DB: Intro SQL/MySQL
Brief Class Overview

Links: PHPMyAdmin | Submit Homework | DB Scripts
Required Textbook Forward Saddleback E-Mail to account you check, login using link above, goto settings, use option set forward address.
Start using book, after you complete blackboard videos. You can rent an online version of the book ~$31 or buy it at Saddleback bookstore or Amazon or campusi or Valore Books
PHP has become the most used server-side scripting language on the Web. A scripting language executes a script on the fly. With PHP, PHP scriptlets are embedded into a Web Page. When the Web page is accessed. The Web Server starts up the PHP engine, which excutes the PHP Scriptlets producing a dynamic HTML page. This page is then sent to the client browser. MySQL includes a PHP library that allows a PHP script to read/write data from a MySQL database. Once you learn MySQL/SQL it is trivia to add the database queries to a PHP program. In CIM225, we have assignments that use the same fruit Database you create in CIM205A. CIM225 is offered every semester at Saddleback college.
CIMW 245 covers PHP and LAMP applications. LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. In CIM205B students integrate application such as bulletin boards and e-commerce system into Web Pages. In addition, the class looks at CMS (Content Management Systems)