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This is a Hybrid Class, has the benefits of both on-line and in-class
you may attend class lecture if your desire,
but all homework assignment, etc. are On-Line
You need to only attend the midterm or Final.

Class is being moved from Vil 11-01 to Vil 13-01

CIM205B Ticket 16185

(Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
Courses touches on Linux, Apache, MySQL and framework scripting. Emphasis is on PHP and PHP integrated with MySQL. At end of course we analyze and critique high level Web Applications.

Instructor: Tom DeDonno
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If you have problems compiling in the IMC lab, save the file with the h:\ prefix

Color Key: Red Urgent Attention, Black Set in Stone, Gray Tentative

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CIM289 Special Topics: LAMP/PHP Introduction to E-Commerce SW Design

Instructor:          Tom DeDonno                                                     Semester: Spring 2007

Voicemail:          (949) 582-4900, X-4817                                    

Email:                 tdedonno@juno.com                                    Time & Day: 7:00-10:00PM Monday

Class web site:     http://www.saddleback.edu/faculty/tdedonno      Room:  Vil 13-01


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<html> start a HTML document   <title> Title of HTML Document
<head> header information not included in HTML document   <body> Begin Body of HTML document
<h1> First Major header   <h6> Most Minor Header
<p> Start paragraph, blank line at end of text   <br>

Insert line break or <br />

<em> Emphasis Text   <I> Italic Text
<table> Start a table   <tr> Start a table row
<td> Table Data, a single cell of data   <th> Single cell, but treated as header
<ol> Start Ordered List   <li> List Item
Guide to XHTML = HTML 4.0 + Stricter Placement + XML