CIM264A Flash - Spring 2013
Tuesday 7-10PM BGS245
Professor T. DeDonno 1/22/2013 .. 3/3/2013

Required Text Book
CIM264A Flash Beginnining
Adobe Flash is the premier Web animation tool. CIM264B and CIM264A covers all the basics of the Flash application.
<html> start a HTML document   <title> Title of HTML Document
<head> header information not included in HTML document   <body> Begin Body of HTML document
<h1> First Major header   <h6> Most Minor Header
<p> Start paragraph, blank line at end of text   <br />

Insert line break

<strong> Strong Text   <em> Emphasis Text
<table> Start a table   <tr> Start a table row
<td> Table Data, a single cell of data   <th> Single cell, but treated as header
<ol> Start Ordered List   <li> List Item
<ul> Unordered List (usually bullets)      
In Adobe Fireworks
In Adobe Fireworks, we cover the Adobe Fireworks application. Adobe Fireworks is a Web paint and draw program and a CSS/JavaScript Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool. With Fireworks you can touch up digital photos, create bitmap and vector graphics, generate pop-up menus, hotspots, and thumbnails.
Saddleback Web Design Certificate

Courses You Need To Complete...

  • Dreamweaver CIM278A & B (Offered Every Semester)
  • Flash CIM264A & B (Offered Both Fall and Spring)
  • Photoshop CIM274A .(Offered Every Semester)
  • XHTML CIM271A/B (Offered Every Semester)
  • Capstone Portfolio CIM298 Offered Every Spring
  • Plus 6 More Units.

Info on Applying for Certificates...

CIM264D Flash Hacks
CIM246D is offered right after CIM298 Capstone, 7-10PM Wednesday. If you want to develop a pure Flash Web-Site you should take this class concurrently with CIM298.
CIM278B Dreamweaver
CIM278B is offered 2nd 8 Weeks in Spring/Fall and 2nd 4 Weeks Summer. It Covers: tables, CSS, Site Management, and HTML Forms. Forms Includes PHP/MySQL and JavaScript.