CIM264C Assignments

Class will have about 11 assignments h0..h10

All assignments except h0, need to be placed on When you have finished your assignment you may e-mail me the link, but make sure you include cim264c in the mail subject header. Blackboard has videos on creating your home page. Later on in the class, you will have to create a Flash site.


Key OP: Optional; H is a homework assignment; EC is Extra Credit

Due Date

Complete Questionnaire

Forward Saddelback e-mail to an account you check, login to Saddleback e-mail , settings, options - forward.

Finally login in to blackboared and take Quiz 0


You should complete H2-H4 before H1

Complete a Index Page on your, blackboard has Videos to get you started. Right Click and save this index.html page to your desktop. You may start off using either dreamweaver, fileZilla or Flash Index Page Generator; In Second week of class we will start creating a Flash Site.


Discuss Current CIM Designs or Post Favorite Flash Site

On blackboard discussion board post your favorite flash site: either a pure flash Web site, a flash exchange site, or movie site. We will be discussing these sites frist three weeks.

sitepal is my pick, but it would be hard to reproduce.


Chapter 8

Skills Review 8 - Time Flies

Adobe CS5 8-32..8-33; Extra Credit Utlimate Tours8-34
Adobe CS4 Skills Demo 8-26..8-27; Extra Credit Ultimate Tours 8-28

CS3 Textbook: 8.26-8.27 (skillsdemo8 Clock with TV)

The Clock should be a button, click the clock and in the Action Panel (F9) you should see "Actions - Button", add the following ActionScript code to the button...

on( release ) { gotoAndPlay( 2 ); }

This tells the Flash movie, when someone releases the Clock button, goto and play frame 2.

In Frame one add a key frame with the ActionScript function....

stop( );

Your TV should play when someone clicks the clock button.

8-29 is extra credit

Week 4

Chapter 9 CS5 9-40..9-43 Skills Review, Errata in Book page 9-42 Step 10, don't use the name convert for the event Handler, convert is reserved use...

convertBtn.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, convert1 );

function convert1( e : MouseEvent ) {

... step 11... }

Chapter 9 Page 9-34..9-35 Seasons (CS3 & CS4 Version of Book)

CS5 Code to Create a Box...

import flash.display.Shape;

var my_square:Shape = new Shape();;, 100, 50, 80);
addChild(my_square) ;



The file fl9_5.fla shoud have only one key frame for each button. On buttons layer
make sure you have key frames at frames: 1, 5, and 10; Don't want extra key frames between 1..5. Note when you add action script to a button on key frame 1, if the same button exists on key frame 2, it will not have the actionscript of key frame 1.

on 2nd part work with targets and movie clip symbols, the hint on 4. should say only use on and play.

Spoilers you should be able to complete all actionScript code if not you can use these spoiler scripts...

*Spoiler on 3 On Frame1 Start Button
On( release )
{ gotoAndStop( “seasonChange” ); }
*Spoiler work with targets 4.
On( release )
{ ); }
//note change is the instance name of the movie that plays the four seasons

// don’t use the with command

For create an interactive movie Clip symbol

attach code to the scarf movie

5. code is...

on( press )
{ startDrag("" ); }

on( release ) {
stopDrag( );

if( _dropTarget == "/winter_mc" ) _visible = false;
//note if you given the instance name scarf you can use _root.scarf._visible=false;

Extra Credit Ultimate Tours of Portfolio

Chapter 10


Note voice is too soft, the easiest way to fix this if for all background music use the sound editor to set its volume lower. In the properties panel with the backgroudn music select, click edit next to effect and set both the right and left channel at a lower volume. This is covered in chapter 10 viewgraphs.

If you are daring you can load all sounds using ActionScript, and set the volume of all sounds indepently, this is also covered in chapter 10 viewgraphs. To do this....

  • Right^Click Sound Name In Library Panel Select Linkage
  • This Give you Link Properties Panel
  • In Linage Properties Panel Click Export for ActionScript
  • Enter a Name for the Indentifier - by default flash enter class name
  • In your first frame enter ActionScript code to load sounds
  • For Example, music = new Sound(); music.attachSound( "identifier");
  • music.start( ); music.setVolume( 10 );

Hints corresponding to each item number

  1. Right button is on first frame
  2. Add stopAllSounds( ); right above gotoAndPlay( "jukebox" );
  3. Frame 14 has the jukebox frame label in the actions layer
  4. Make sure you select song1 in the library panel. Right^click song1 linkage. The song layer was created in steps 9 an 10 page 10-30
  5. Check Export of ActionScript in Linkage Properties
  6. Click the mute button on the main stage (Frame 15) - Actions panel should show Actions-Button, add the ActionScript...
    on(release) {
    stopAllSounds( );
    waveform.gotoAndPlay( "mute" );
    /* Note you can doubleclick the waveform on the stage and see the waveform movie clip which has the frame label mute at frame 15 */
  7. On the start button you need to add this code...
    on( release ) {
    stopAllSounds( );
    /* note MovieClip waveform has a e frame label start. You can goto the movie clip frame waveform to verify that the label is start. */
    m = new Sound( );
    m.attachSound( "song1" );
    m.start( );
  8. See Above ActionScript Code
  9. Test Your Movie

Extra Credit Ultimate Tours or Portfolio

Week 12 - 4/18

Chapter 11 Page 11-34..11-35 skillsdemo11.fla(CS3 and Studio 8 version of Book)

Step 4a: after entering the code for onLoadMovieNum you need to play frame 2;
your movie will play from frame 2 to frame 50, during this time either easy_level.swf or hard_level.swf will play.


Extra Credit: Ultimate Tours and Portfolio 11


For Fall 2011 complete assignments h0..h6, we didn't cover chapter 12


H7 Flash Home Page or Chapter 12 skillsdemo.fla  








These assignments from here down will not be used Fall/2009

Trapped Puzzle

Chapter 1

Flash Review you may pick any one of these assignments:

  1. Create Flash Advertizement for Next Generation Web Design comes to saddleback.
  2. Create a good index page for Student professional work
  3. Create a good background image for (more JPEG than SWF)
  4. Do anything for My Class Web-Sites
  5. Create a set of images similar to the Flash Review on lecture Source Code
  6. Do two objects described in Flash Class (i.e., 2 fish, or 2 Train Objects or 2 Casino Objects)
  7. Create Objects for a Future Interface to Battleship Simulator
    • Plan on adding a JSP (server-side) front-end to simulator
    • Will be using Flash/Actionscript at the client side
    • Need buttons that have 5 states, empty, miss, hit, sunk, bad guess
    • Need images of Ships
  8. Create a Flash Logo for one of my classes: 7B, 7A, CIM246B, SQL; I have created logos for PHP and Flash I like my flash & PHP class logo. PS you can also create flash logos, for other parts of my class web-site.

Prelim Draft



Create an Index Page on, having the following key Components:

  1. Some Action Script, (e.g., Dynamically Create Buttons, Display Date, Change background relative time of Day) On-Going More Advance: Nasa Satellite Information, also have NTP on cim, Curl library Integration, RSS Feeds (Flash feed), Remote Web Cam, DataSource, etc.
  2. See Some Flash
  3. List Favorite Flash Sites or Some Flash Hints
  4. Links to Other Homework Assignments
  5. Frames are also worth considering

Place your index page in your public_html directory, with the name index.html; You can view the page from the Web using Use WinSCP to transfer files to To view other students sites goto and click the Student Web-Sites and then select the class to preview.

  Finish Reading Chapter 1 in Moronta
EC2 Internal Flash Tutorial Available on Older Versions of Flash


Chapter 2



Optional Sign up for Videos Information on blackboard, students enrolled in more than one of my Classes (CSS, PHP or ActionScript) have been e-mailed the access codes.

or Try out these free demo tutorials Creating Action Script Movies They actually have several free tutorials (Site seems to have more up todate titles and longer videos than but also more expensive.

EC3 Find an Action Script on-line API this is both Extra Credit and P2; Examples of good APIs exist for JSP, Java and PHP. Bob has already done this, looks like our home page and the on-line assignment already lists the best On-line help. Maybe in the future Macromedia will have a good API separate from flash. Both Eclipse and Sepy may have good integrated help system. The internal Flash reference is proprietary.  

Deprecated, your personal web-site should have interesting flash links. On Blackboard under Discussion board is located a discussion board for placing your favorite links. At a later date we will have a survey on the best links. For your links list your name and link type....

  1. Movies or Just a General Website with a Good Flash Movie
    Keep in mind a lot of the Web flash animation is often a time consuming process. However, we may discuss the "design" of some the better Movies.
  2. Actionscripts
    During the 5th-7th week of class we will try to reproduce or talk about the high level design of the script.
  3. Clipart
    Looking for a good PNG clipart site.
  4. API or Help

  5. Tutorials



Properties & Button Events

For C grade, Modify whoSeesMouse so that all four elements send both rollOver and rollOut events to the trace box; the trace output should also be sent to a dynamic text box (i.e., the black text on the right swift movie). ActionScript has a bug, you need to pass the instance name and not the this pointer when using buttons. For B grade, Modify whoSeesMouse so that object properties are printed in the dynamic text Box, (i.e., the red text in the image to the right). For A Grade, the dynamic text box should have formatting and the buttons should be functional.

P4 Modify Output of comparison2.fla so that the text box is well formatted. You can do this by either using TextFormat and setting tab stops; Or my Using a CSS file, or HTMLtext (maybe <pre> tags work); However, HTML table elements don't work within Flash. You could also get fancy and attempt a Movie Clip with lineto separating columns.

Finish write this simple infix calculator, you should be able to do +, -, *, / and % "mod"; I'm not supplying you with the flash file; But some of the source code is in the viewgraphs.


If you can create the Flash movie to the right, then go for it. If you know html frames, then on your second flash screen, you can set TextFormat targets to an HTML frame and then load the URL. Note you need to spend some time looking through the flash links on discussion board.

However, if you are not comfortable with action script yet, do the flash drawings first and later in the semester add the actionscript.

P6 Hints


Detailed instructions....

  • Write a flash welcome screen, you initial screen should print out, hello Welcome to CIM264C, what is your name.

  • You should have one input text box for entering the Persons name and a enter button for proceeding to next screen.

  • The enter button should respond to two events release and key down enter, both events can be inserted using the action script + icon. Use + icon goto Global Functions goto Movie Clip Control goto On; Note you can then enter an argument event relative to when user is on your button, once your first event (i.e., on( release ) is selected just type a comma and you will get a screen to continue adding the next argument.

  • Note you separate multiple arguments to the on function with a comma. In general when you pass more than one argument to a function, one uses a comma to separate arguments.

  • For the body of the on event, you can enter a trace function for debugging but you need to have a way to advance to the next frame, either use nextFrame or gotoAndPlay( frame number).

  • In addition you need to create a action layer, with the stop(); command in the first keyframe. I have a action layer with stop() at frame 1 and a stop() at frame 5, Frame 5 has its own layer with the second screen. You can insert a Movie clip as the second screen layer. But accessing the input name will require a full path name (e.g., ).

  • On the second screen, access the input text box, and print its value in the dynamic text box.
  • This screen should read "Hello Persons Name ..." note you can use the same variable name for both the dynamic and the input text box. Why is this beneficial?

  • In this screen also list four buttons: class web-site, blackboard, your favorite flash site, & favorite site found by examining other student in sites in P2. Note you will need to use the getURL function.

  • If you have a strong html knowledge, then you favorite flash sites can be a list of links. To do this you may need to embed your swf file inside an html file. Look at publish html file, and insert part of it into your html document.


PS we will be expanding on this assignment in CIM264D.


P6 is the Last Assignment for CIM264C



Chapter 3



Modify myProperties.fla so that when the user clicks Properties, the output is sent to both a flash, dynamic text box and also the trace window.

Also add Buttons so You can Move the Wheel.

Your Final Product Should look like the example at the right, Note Dynamic Property Text Box has not been added. Once again I'm looking for functionality not the same aesthetic. Hints page 81-84 of textbook.



Take this Assignment as Far as You Can Go...

Create a Flash Movie With three buttons Red, Green And Blue, when the user clicks a button, the output window "trace" should output which button that was clicked.

Use other panels --> common libraries, and select three colored buttons: red, green and blue. Create a still movie clip background. Background color should change depending upon which button is clicked. The output window "trace", should output button just clicked and how many times it was clicked. Final product should, look like the top image, except the dynamic textbox is optional.

Final Enhancements, add stop/go button, random color button and an animated movie clip. Your final product should look advance movie at the right. You don't have to have the hint button.

Novice Movie

Advance Movie


  Page 101 Exercise 1. Frame Navigation Exercise.

Chapter 4


P3 Enhancements

Use your flash movie from P3, and add the ability for the user to enter a month and day for their birthday. Use the action script supplied and reproduce the swf movie at the right the best you can. You may want to use getURL with _blank to open up three windows: one for flash screen, one for horoscope link, one for your favorite links. Make sure all data is verified (i.e., month, day, etc) before continuing to second screen.

Code enhancements to consider...

  • You don't have to use a comboBox for the month selection, you may use a input text box. However, how can a comboBox (drop down list box) give you intrinsic information.
  • Write your own
  • Add Year and look up on Web what happened the day your were born.
  • Send all your output to different frames. To this create an html file with frames, and use UIComponent TextField and set the the appropriate URL and target.


Chapter 5 Arrays and Objects

All Assignments P9 and Above Will be Assigned in CIM264D



Chapter 4 Review : Modify myNumber.swf so that it also computes square, square root, prime, and prime factors. The input box for number is restricted to only two digits, how was this done? . You output should be sent to both a trace windows and a dynamic output box. Will release partial action script source code.

For extra credit also output if the number between 0..99 is a Fibonacci number


I have started to create a HP RPN (reverse polish notation) calculator. We will be placing the calculators project file on black board. For this project you have two options:

Form a team download the project file. Decide whos doing what; And submit a list of project summary objectives to blackboad.

Or work dynamically on the web with aweb based team.

Or Design Your own calculator

Additional Info...

For web-based teams we may implement a check out procedure, when you want to work on the code, Check out the project file, make changes to the code and resubmit. When you resubmit add a message briefly identifying what you have done, (e.g., created better buttons, add trigonometry, financial functions, etc.). In the event two people have flash file out at same time a librarian will be responsible for for merging all changes into a single active project file. The librarian serves dual rolls as both Quality Assurance and librarian. For QA, librarian is responsible for verfying integrity of changes. If you want to be the librarian/QA, let me know.

Goal is to reproduce a HP-29c or HP-19c, this is a full list of HP RPN calculators. To implement the programmable features of the calculator one would link the flash ouptut to a python server module. One could also considering adding advance functions using server side JSP or PHP. To send data to server one uses the LoadVars class. The midterm in PHP is using a swf front end client interface.



Chapter 6


P11 Breakout, code for breakout will be supplied design your own break out game  


Chapter 7

P13 Jurassic Park Fractal | Flash Fractal Example  
Chapter 9

Tutorial on Flash/PHP/XML Database

P13 Write a flash movie that allows the user to choose various mice.  
Extra Credit

On Flash 2004 MX tutorials seem to be under
Help -> How do I -> Quick Start

In addition useful sites has some tutorial links

On Flash MX version 6.0

Complete the help->tutorials on Flash MX

  Flex 21 Minute Presentations