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BGS -245 Same as Flash CIM264B

Class Information:

Instructor: Tom Dedonno



Time & Day: 7-10PM Thurs

Semester: Fall 2011


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Book Information:
Finish Chapters 8..12 of CIM264B Book
Online CS5 Version of Book

5 Star rating on

Will be using another book or content from another book, will make content available to students. Book at right was a weel recommended book out of print



Useful Information:
Instructions to Compile Flash in SciTe:
  1. Get Flush from Sepy, and Copy Over SciTe Flush
  2. Have Flash Open with the Equivalent Flash File
  3. Editing; Flash should have xxx.fla
  4. xxx.fla should have #include ""
  5. Don't make Flash an Icon
  6. You must close Movie in Flash before running next one
  7. You can also look into command line flash interface
Common HTML Tags:
<html> start a HTML document
<title> Title of HTML Document
<head> header information not included in HTML document
<body> Begin Body of HTML document
<h1> First Major header
<h6> Most Minor Header
<p> Start paragraph, blank line at end of text
<br> Insert line break
<b> Bold Text
<i> Italic Text
<table> Start a table
<tr> Start a table row
<td> Table Data, a single cell of data
<th> Single cell, but treated as header
<ol> Start Ordered List
<li> List Item