Action Script Lecture Illustrations

Chapter 1 Flash Review


History of Flash Dawn of Web Animation



Standard Organizations



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  ISO OSI Standards

Flash Work Space



Tweening Examples: Flash Movie Viewer

  1. Motion Tweening
  2. Size Tweening Book Figure 1.21 | Step 1 In Class Example | Finished Product In Class Example
  3. Color Tweening Rainbow Effect | Color Review
  4. Rotate Tweening Rotate Box | 90 Step | Car Turns Around Screen Car Image
  5. Shape or Morphing Tweening Count to Seven

  6. Motion Guide Tweening Bouncing Ball
  7. Mask Layer Tweening

  8. Insert --> Timeffects
  9. Sound Tween Car at Traffic Beeps and Starts up
  10. Frame by Frame Animation A Nice Day to Die


Symbol Examples

  1. Movie Clips Count Down | Previous Car Example
  2. Buttons Up Over Down and Hit GDA1.5 | MyButton
  3. Graphics

Chapter 2 Scripting Overview

  • Chapter 2 Viewgraphs
  • Scripting is a typeless interpreted language for programming in the small
  • Application level scripting language is a scripting language tied to an application, application can be customized and extended.
  • Application level scripting examples
  • For more details on scripting review to PHP website samples
  • Action Script Game



ActionScript IDE Overview

Chapter 3 Programming Fundamentals
Input/Output, Variables, Conditionals, & Loops


Actionscript programming examples


Note trace only outputs data within Flash, not in a Flash Player


Chapter 4 Movie Clips, Buttons, Methods & Properties






Chapter 5 Arrays and Objects


  Chapter 9 CIM264A/B TextBook