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Fall 11
Topic Reading
Week 1 -

Introduction Syllabus, Chapter 9 Basic ActionScriptCIM264B Book;

Chapter 9
Week 2 -

Chapter 9 - In-Class Test 1;

Test 1
Week 3

Finish Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Week 4

Chapter 10: Adding Sound and Video Make sure you take Blackboard Quizzes;

Week 5

Chapter 11 Advance ActionScript - Discuss Final Options

Flash Sites
Week 6 Thanksgiving No Class  
Week 7

Chapter 12 Working with Behaviors and Components

Chapter 11
Week 8


Start Chapter 1 -Flash Interface Getting Acquainted
Flash Review Intro to Flash Drawing Tools, Graphics Symbols Book has online PDF content.]

Chapter 2 Programming and Design Concepts, Chapter 3-5 and/or ActionScript Examples

Chapter 12

Chapter 1-3

End of Fall 2008
Week 10

Chapter 5

Part 2: The Intermediate
6. Dynamic Movie Clips

If Time Allows
7. Drawing with a Script

Part 3: The Interactivity and Sound
8. User Interactivity: The Keyboard
9. More Interaction: The Mouse
10. Sound Effects & Music

Other Final

Optional : Go through the Videos on Creating Action Script Movies- Scroll Halfway down the page and Listen to free Videos at ActionScript
Video refers to version Flash MX2003; Lab has MX2004; Listen to the following Videos:

  • Introduction --> Using Action Script
  • Introduction to ActionScript
    (all Videos but Working in Normal Mode;
    MX2004 doesn't have normal mode)

In MX2004 the dialog box in the lower left hand corner of the action edit pane, lists all the actions relative to the current Movie. Note in actionscript, the scripts are scattered throughout both the timeline and objects.

Optional : Work through the last three lesson at webdevelopernotes.com

  1. Animated Buttons
  2. Scroll Menu
  3. Mouse Drag

Reproduce this flash file.

Finish Flash Review Tweening, Properties

Part 1: The Essentials
Chapter 1 The Flash Interface: Getting Acquainted