CIM264D Advanced Flash Sites and ActionScript Hacks
Professor T. DeDonno - Spring 2012
Recommended Prep CIM264B

Required Textbook

Tues 7-9:50 BGS-234
3/22/2011-5/20/2011 Ticket #13590

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CIM264D Flash Sites and Hacks Spring/2012
In the First half of the class we will be creating pure Flash sites. In this stage we will also be analyzing various Flash sites. In the Second part of the class we will be covering part of the Flash Hacks book. This class has only two online quizzes and tentatively eight assignments..
CIM298 Capstone Portfolio
CIM246D is offered right after CIM298 Capstone, 7-10PM Tuesday. If you want to develop a pure Flash Web-Site to illustrate your portfolio you should take this class concurrently with CIM298. CIM298 is the final required class for the Web Design Certificate.
CIM264C ActionScript Fall/2013
In CIM264C offered 2nd 8 weeks in the fall. We Cover the last 4 chapters of the book, then go further into ActionScript and also look at Dynamically created ActionScript Flash Sites. If time allows we look at merging ActionScript with PHP/MySQL.