CIM272 Cascading Style Sheets class website Project for CSS Class by Jonathan Molina 02/23/06
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Chapter 1 and 2 of the Book are On-line
  1. HTML 4.0 On-line Tutorial
  2. Creating CSS Style in Dreamweaver - Also Blackboard Videos
  3. HyperText Coined In 1965
  4. Basic.htm Using Browser Tag Definitions
  5. Basic1.htm Using Local Style Definition
  6. Basic2.htm Uses an External Style Sheet Basic2.css
  7. Precedence Most Recent Mask Previous Styles except More Specific Tags Mask Less Specific
  8. CSS Import Precedence Most Recent Mask Previous Styles Except Main CSS File Has Precedence
Chapter 2 Selectors
  1. two selectors , comma separator
  2. em descentant of p example
  3. Figure 2-2 of Book Oz Image
  4. Page 30 Oz.htm File No CSS
  5. Oz1.htm : Oz CSS rules...
  6. Core Attributes present in all HTML tags
  7. Note example quote and procedure classes
  8. id class firstQuote, preface
  9. span and div example span.htm
  10. Pseudo Class :active :focus, :hover, :link, :visited, :unvisited
  11. Pseudo Link HTML
  12. Pseudo Focus Forms HTML
  13. Pseudo Element HTML
  14. Figure 2-17 div > blockquote child.htm selector;
    use sibling so that when h3 follows h2 its black on gray
  15. Original File Displayed by Browser Our Alice.htm both Versions with CSS
descendant Example Fairly Complex, with font-size illustrations
descentant Summary
Class ID example classID.htm
Chapter 3 Font TypoGraphy

CSS3 Text-Shadows & Web Fonts

Chapter 4 Box Model Margin-Border-Padding

Chapter 5 Colors and Background

CSS3 Assignment H8, 2nd Choice, Gradient

CSS3 AssignmenT H9 Box-Shadows, TranSForm & Transition

Chapter 7 Positioning

Responsive WEb DEsign


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