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CIM278A Dreamweaver Assignments H0..H5small logo

CS6 Software and CS6 Version of book is recommended.
Not recommended but you may use the previous book (aka CS4 or CS5) and SW.- deprecated assignments.

Instructions on Handing In Assignments

You will post all assignments on your account on, once you have posted an assignment. You may e-mail an assignment link to Make sure you include cim278a and the assignment number in the Subject header.Class has assignmets assignments, that you need to completed before starting the book, once you are done with (PreBook1, PreBook2, Intro, & CIM-Dreamweaver) you need to complete Chapters 1..5 blooms and tripsmart. You need to complete the first two PreBook assignments,and intro assignment 2 days before the drop with W date (click class details).

Assignment # Description Tentative
Due Date

Login to Blackboard, use your MySite Password and Username. Can also get to Blackboard from MySite. Add a post to discussion board "PreBook1", about your two favorite Web Sites. Blackboard "PreBook1" Contents...

Post  your two favorite links, include a short reason why.
I have included a little insite into the design/development of my two favorite links, but this is not
required for the course, development descriptions are above this courses intent.

Use the blackboard editing tools for doing this.

Click Create new thread to add a thread. (aka Web Page or Discussion Thread)

Click and Drag over text, click the globe icon to add a link


  • print out this assignment page (use it as a guide to completing the class)
  • make sure you have a "PreBook 1" thread. On a discussion board a thread is consider a link or a response from a previous post. Note these post are all Web Pages.
  • Comment on another students thread.


Week 1

Login to Blackboard again, this time answer the essage questions. Listed on the blackboard discussion "PreBook2". Note on blackboard you don't have to worry about filenames, folder structure or FTP. On actual Web you need to understand how to structure a Web-Site and set up FTP. You will learn about FTP in the CIM-Dreamweaver assignment. The essay questions on blackboard are...

Learning how to create a Web Site requires one to master several skills.

  1. Basic knowledge of files and folders. A Web site is just a folder with files, folders are used for organization.
  2. Basic knowledge of how the Web operates. To fix a car you have to have basic knowledge of tools and how a car works.
  3. Basic knowledge of an IDE (Integrated Developers Environment). Dreamweaver is the clear defacto Web Page IDE leader.

Use Dreamweaver, just start it up, click new HTML document. Then answer the questions below using the new Dreamweaver Web Page. When you type text
notice the properties panel at the bottom, use the properties panel to format some of the essay question. When you are done with the brief answer, click Dreamweaver
code view button, copy all the text between the body tags (aka <body> ..</body>). You click and drag over the text then right click edit --> copy. Then go to blackboard discussion, click create new thread, then find the HTML icon and click it, this will bring up a code window, paste the HTML code and then click update. Note both Dreamweaver and Blackboard are supplying an HTML editor, whereby you can create and edit HTML without actually knowing HTML.

  Note the key to Facebook success was not only did they provide an HTML editor (aka item 3 basic IDE knowledge), but they also eliminated the need to know the first two basic skill items. When you create a Facebook page you are not concerned with files, folders, or how the Web operates. In more advance classes we discuss how Facebook, actually creates a Web page.

  • What is a Web Server?
    What is Apache Web Server?
  • What is FTP?
    What is the difference between FTP and HTTP (you can summarize in on sentence)?
  • What is HTML?
    As you are working on this Page click code view button, briefly explain what you see?

Analyze our class web-site

  • What is the name of the Web Server?
  • What folder is the class site in?
  • What are the key names of HTML files in this folder (do the names make sense?  click the right tab bar links assignment...)?
  • Where are images stored (right click book view image)?

Click on the cim278b site, does it have the same structure?

Does using a consistent structure make sense.


  • make sure you have both posts on blackboard, read some other students essay questions, and make a reply.
Week 1
Prebook 3

Prebook3 will be added Fall/2013, you can review assignment Summer/2013, but is not graded.

Social Media - Netcraft is one of the most popular sites for ranking Web popularity. The Top Web-Sites time listed in order of page hits have been: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter, Amazon, Ebay, LinkedIn and wikipedia. This list includes four social media sites: Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter and Linkedin. The advantages to theses sites (and Wikipedia) is they allow everyone to be part ot the Web.Unfortantely in this class, you have to become proficient in the operations of the Web. This includes: learning how to organize folders and files, basic understanding of HTML and becoming acquainted with a Web Page design environment (i.e., Dreamweaver). For this assignment you need to create a site to one of the key social media sites (aka linked-in, facebook, youtube of tweeter). You can send me a linked-in friend request. In later assignments you will be adding social media links to your cim home page. My Linked-in links is...

Linked In

Normally these are icons, listed in the upper left corner or in the bottom footer of a Web page.


H0: Complete Questionnaire - it will be available first week of classes.

Login for Questionnaire is Saddleback Username, Password Student ID.

Also log in to blackboard and take Quiz 0 - blackboard login info

May want to work your way through this Help Sequence.

If you have not taken CIM271A or equivalent you may want to read the first 40 pages in Creating a Web Page and Blog.

Login on to IMC Computers (Only Required if you Plan to Use IMC computers)
Username: Full Saddleback Username (include, or Password on IMC


  • print out blackboard announcements of the three steps to completing the class (it is a summary of this assignment page)
  • watch blackboard Intro videos: Course Info and Getting Started
  • Not recommended but you can watch a specific blackboard web-cast Intro
  • complete Questionnaire
  • complete blackboard Intro quiz
  • For Dreamweaver SW you have to decide on either buying, 30 day trial or using IMC lab
  • make sure school e-mail has been forwarded or will be checked
Week 1


: cim - dreamweaver

You will be using six blackboard videos and a zip file on blackboard to create your index page and hello.html.

video 1 create hello.html;
video 2: creates your home page, right click this link and save the file; or preferably download and install the blackboard zip file.
Video 3..6 Emphasis other DW-CIM Exercises

PS when downloading a file from the Web the relative links are replaced with absolute links, therefore you must save a file by right clicking the link, rather than opening and then saving.

If you don't understand files and folder work through this tutorial - but first start out at Window Basics

If after reading the first 40 pages of Creating a Web Page and Blog. you sill have problems completing H1 assignment, then you should consider following recommended prep...

  • CIM271A XHTML First, (1.5 Unit Course)
  • CIM120 Computer Literacy (1.5 Unit Course)
  • CIM213 Office Skills Windows (.5 Unit Course)

PS if this was a 4 year college you would have to complete or tests out of the above three courses before you can sign up for CIM278A, Also, at 4 year colleges you are required to either use the computer labs or buy a specific college supported computer. We give student more leeway at Community Colleges, but remember we supply the necessary software in the IMC lab and you have to make the decision if you are ready of a first course on Dreamweaver.

PS you are free to add your own creativity to your home page, but make sure it has links to the two book assignment folders.


  • watch cim-dreamweaver videos on blackboard
  • make sure you have a home page on cim
  • verify you have hello.html in your home folder
  • You have Six assignments (h0 doesn't count) calculate your pace for the course, in an eight week class, you should be completing one assignment each week (this give you 2 week buffer). Depending on your background, you may be off to a slow start, but your pace should pick up later on. Refer to blackboard quizzes for official end date for this class.
Week 1

H2: Complete Chapter 1 Getting Started with Dreamweaver
blooms (1-34..1-35) and tripsmart (1-36)

If you have a weak background in understanding files and folders, it is recommended you work through the Bridge Chapter 1

You have one site definition with three folders. This chapter is an exercise in becoming more familiar with Web Sites and folders.

Read Chapter 1 - blackboard has a video on completing striped umbrellla, blooms and tripsmart. The book tells you to create three web sites - you have one website with three folders. Also videos create the folders so book information and videos overlap. The videos for chapter 1 enable you to create everything you need for the assignment.

Chapter 1 Datafiles - Blackboard H1 had CS5/CS5 Data Files.


  • read chapter 1 and/or watch chapter 1 blackboard videos
  • complete chapter 1 blackboard quiz
  • complete cim-dreamweaver-bridge video and chapter 1 assignments (blooms & tripsmart)


Week 2

H3: Chapter 2 Adobe complete blooms 2-34..2-35 and tripsmart Assignments 2-36.

The file, in the cim-dreamweaver video section on blackboard file has both rtf and doc (word import files); they are in the chapter_2 data folder. On a MAC if you don't have Microsoft word, you may not be able to import the doc file, but you should be able to import rtf.


  • read chapter 2 and/or watch chapter 2 blackboard videos
  • complete chapter 2 blackboard quiz
  • complete chapter 2 assignments (blooms & tripsmart)
  • verify your cim home page has both chapter 1 and chapter 2 assignments
  • on blackboard use tools --> my grades to verify your first 3 quiz grades


Week 3

H4: Chapter 3 Adobe CS5/CS6 Book complete blooms3-32..3-33 and tripsmart assignments 3-34..


  • read chapter 3 and/or watch chapter 3 blackboard videos
  • complete chapter 3 blackboard quiz
  • complete chapter 3 assignments blooms and tripsmart


Week 4

H5: Chapter 4 CS5/CS6 Blooms page 4-28-4-29 and tripsmart page 4-30.

For Banner/NavBar gotchas when insert navBar/Banners on multiple pages you want to make sure the banner navBar doesn't jump around. This is best handled by creating an initial page with the banner and navBar and then using it to create all the other pages. Alternate way is to look very closely at the code and delete any extra white space or white space tags



Week 5

Chapter 5 Blooms 5-36..5-38 and tripsmart page 5-39..5-40


  • read chapter 5 and/or watch chapter 5 blackboard videos
  • complete chapter 5 blackboard quiz
  • complete chapter5 assignment blooms and tripsmart
  • on blackboard use tools --> my grades to verify all quiz grades
  • make sure you cim home page is operational and has tripsmart/blooms up to and including chapter 5


week 6

H6 is the Last Assignment for CIM278A - Good Luck

You Also have to complete the two Tests & the Five Quizzes on Blackboard

We cover Chapters 6..11 in CIMW 110B
Chapter 12 Templates in CIMW 280 Portfolio


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