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                                    CIM286 – Introduction & Design of Computer Games

Instructor:          Tom DeDonno                                                           Semester:      Summer 2012
E-mail:                                                      Ticket No:  11650 
Web-site:    Office Hours   Time & Day: Thursday 6-9PM
Class Web-site:       Room:           BGS 233

Introduction to basic video game concepts and design: tools, languages, AI concepts, level design, storytelling, careers, relationship to technology (especially CPU/GPU), history and future. Tools examined: direct- (X, play and sound), Open GL and 3D Engines. Course has overview of scripting and programming languages used in game development. Technology evolution and future will be related to game development. Theoretical concepts of good game design, AI, storytelling, and level design will be demonstrated using the very successful Age of Empires game. Includes discussion on effective individual and team play strategies. Virtual reality, mobile wireless gaming, immersion, emotioneering, and other future game concepts will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1.     Define the evolution and future of the CPU and GPU microprocessor.
2.     Identify how technology has paralleled video game evolution.
3.     Identify the evolution of the video game.
4.     Identify Direct-X, Direct Play, Direct Sound, and Open GL.
5.     Distinguish between Direct-X Graphics, Open GL, and 3-D. Engines.
6.     Differentiate between various languages used for game design.
7.     Formulate computer players using AI techniques.
8.     Demonstrate scenario development using story telling techniques.
9.     Relate key elements of good game design to a highly successful game.
10.  Formulate various strategies used in individual and team Video game play.
11.  Identify realism in successful games.
12.  Explain various Career options in the video game market.
13.  Formulate the future of video games


COURSE Headline
          Course will introduce students to computer HW and SW by correlation to Game design. Class lecture will consist of two hours on computers and relationship to Video Games. Followed by a one hour special topics discussion covering: games genres, current video games, multi player & individual game strategies, or game development environments.

Recommended Text:  Game Guru: Strategy Games, Dave Morris ISBN: 1-59200-253-6 © 2005 Publish date: October 18, 2004 Publisher Coursebook  - Books is on Reserve in IMC Lab. You may not be able to purchase it, don't spend more than $20 for the book, lectures cover material that is in book.

Storage:  Invest in a USB Pen Drive ( 1GB-4GB) – Hot Pricing

 Class will have four-five on-line tests available one week after we complete the relative in class material.


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