PG-13 Cautionary Notes

Most Video Games are Rated PG-13 or for Adult Entertainment, We Do discuss and Show You-Tube Videos of Modern Games, heed this warning. Most high school and junior high students have done well in class. If still interested you need to complete Saddleback K-12 Registrations, Which requires a principal and my signature.

Class Starts 6/15/2020 - 8/10/2020 Planning on Wednesday 4:00 PM Web casts Details on Canvas - Canvas also has prerecorded web casts - Due dates Are Monday Expiration Wednesday

Class is a critical thinking project oriented class. Class will be using Canvas.

We have prerecorded orientation web cast on Canvas.

First canvas assignment, post your two favorite games and also review a convention/expo.

Schedule and Canvas. Calendar maintains a thumbnail sketch of entire 8 week term.

Canvas lists all assignments w descriptions top down, Schedule lists assignment names.