Heed These Warnings:

Some of the class's quizzes/tests are difficult, but to do well in the class make sure you complete all work, don't skip discussion boards, miss quizzes and foremost devote ample effort to your project.

K-12 Students: class will discuss and show You-Tube videos of modern games, which are usually rated Mature 17+ ESRB . Mature ESRB rating iconMost high school and junior high students have done well in class. If still interested you need to complete Saddleback K-12 Registrations, Which requires a principal and my signature.

Class Starts 01/19/2021 - 03/19/2021 - Canvas has full set of prerecorded web casts - Due dates Are Monday Expiration Wednesday

Class is a critical thinking project oriented class. Class will be using Canvas.

First module to finish on Canvas is labeled ReadMe First. Complete read me first, then complete read me second.
You complete one canvas module every week.

For a snapshot of entire semester consult Schedule or Canvas calendar.