Saddleback College - Business Science Division

Course Syllabus


10/20/2013 - 12/21/2013

Instructor: Professor T. DeDonno   Semester Fall 13
Office Hours E-Mail: Ticket # 21945
Class Site : Room # Online
Central Web-Site Time & Day Online
Course Description
An advanced course in Dreamweaver. Students maintain an intermediate Web site consisting of Web Page created in Dreamweaver. Includes rollovers, navigation bars, cascading style sheets, forms, tables, inserting Video, page layout and other advanced DHTML editing. Assignments include weekly hours in BGS 248 or other location. (Formerly CIM 278B).
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  1. Compare and contrast advanced Web authoring concepts such as frames, forms, layering, templates, and cascading style sheets.
  2. Identify static and dynamic DHTML elements used in the construction of Web pages.
  3. Format Web documents within a high-level authoring tool
  4. Embed graphic rollovers and animation, streaming video and sound.
  5. Identify form validation and sending form data to a server.
  6. Develop a web document that utilizes DHTML, absolute positioning, multimedia objects, forms and style sheets.
Required Textbook, If you have a previous version you may use it else buy the latest version.

Current Version: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Revealed, rent online PDF Version - 1st Edition. Sherry Bishop, ISBN-10 1133693202, © 2012. Data files availabe on blackboard in Videos section and also with Online Book Companion.

Previous Version: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Revealed, - buy Online PDF Version, - 1st Edition. Sherry Bishop, ISBN-10 1111130663, © 2011

Course Grading
Course grade consists of assignments, quizzes and tests. Since this class meets only twice a week, you will be required to forward your saddleback e-mail address to your main e-mail. When sending e-mails, make sure you include ca4b or Java in subject line. Academic Integrity is critical to passing this course. Failure to abide by academic integrity can result in a failing grade. For further information on academic integrity consult UCSD Professor Elkan's Written Description. and the cim site policy. The course grade will be calculated from:
92-199 A   Assignments Intro + Book (Chapter 6 to 10: Tripsmart Booms; Some Chapters have modifications) 45%
84-91.9 B
70-83.9 C
60-69.9 D Blackboard Quizzes 45%
0-59.9 F Signing Up 10%
Dropping Class
It is the student's responsibility to officially withdraw (drop) from the class. However, Instructor may drop students under the following conditions:
  1. Students who have not completed at least 1 assignments two days before the drop without W grade.
  2. Students who have not completed at least 50% of the work  by two days before the drop with W grade.
  3. Students who miss 2 or more class session
Regrading Policy
Sometimes you get a grade that you don't like, usually for one of the following reasons:
  1. There was a clerical error  (i.e., the points were added up wrong).
  2. You think you did something right, and I think you did it wrong.

If you discover a clerical error, tell me immediately. The following Statute of Limitations will apply: You have one week from the day any graded assignment or test is returned to you to appeal the grade you received. After one week, I will assume that you believe the grade you got is the correct one. After one week, grades are unchangeable, fixed, and permanen

Special Needs
Students with disabilities are entitled to appropriate accommodations.  This course meets the requirements set forth in the accessibility checklist and universal design grid provided by Special Services. The Web pages, video presentations, textbooks and class materials used in this course are accessible to students with disabilities. If you have specific disabilities requiring accommodations, let your instructor know the first 10 days of the semester so that your learning needs may be met and for referral to the Special Services office where documentation of your disability will be provided to receive services and accommodations.  The Special Services Office is in Student Services Center, Room 113.

Any exceptions to the above statements will be considered individually & only if you approach me about the proposed exception at least a week in advance.

Distance Education Requirements

This is an on online - distance educational course.

The first blackboard announcement will consisely summarize the three key steps in completing the class. The assignment page provides a detailed course guide. At the start of the course the three step summary will be e-mail to your Saddleback e-mail address. Complete all assignments in the order they are listed.

Regular effective contact between the Professor and student is required for success. This class we will have weekly webcasts, blackboard threaded discussion boards, and frequent emails (several per week). When required actual phone calls will be made. Note instructor does have office hours and blackboard provides 24/7 access to illuminate webcasting software

For specific additional help: blackboard, login and/or general. - Tentative Schedule