CS1A Introduction to Computers
Fall 2006

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DevC++ | Cplusplus.com ref


Instructor: Tom DeDonno

Semester: Fall 2006
E-mail: tdedonno@juno.com
Ticket No: 14555
Web-site: http://saddleback.edu/faculty/tdedonno | Office Hours
Time: 7-10PM Monday
Class Web-site: http://saddleback.edu/faculty/tdedonno/cs1a
Room: SM301

C++ Documentation

iostream Library | iomanip ulators

cplusplus.com reference



Bloodshed DevC++ Free C++ Compiler/GUI
Lab has this version and MetroWorks

Download version

Install the Full System

Create a Project with Console Application

devC++ Project

The Create and Compile Your first Program, using the Execute Menu

devC++ C++ Program