Due Date
1 Have your Saddleback e-mail Forwarded to An Account You check daily.  

Keep your shrink wrap up to date by filling in missing content as I go over it them in class.

Shrink wrap errata 1-5 go to not

3 Fill in and hand in Page 1-15 2nd Week

In Class Lab Assignment second week. Login to the lab computers, complete questionnaire. Find answers on the web and include the relative link in your assignment that answer these first three questions....

1- Can you find any good pictures of the Mark I, Colossus, or ENIAC computer?

2- Can you find a good computer evolution time line?

Inside work-book (Don't include in this assignment ) who was Joseph-marie Jacquard?

4 Hand in 1-18..1-21


  Chapter 1 is over; You should have shrink wrap course reader completed for chapter 1; Meet with fellow students outside of class if you have not completed filling in the course reader.  
Chapter 2
5 In Class Lab Assignment:. Login to the lab computers, complete questionnaire and also complete the network lab handout. 9/18/06 10PM
Chapter 3

Complete and hand in 3-15, you can do this by hand you don't need to use a computer.

But if you want a free program for generating flow charts then dia for windows is recommended; You need to load GTK runtime environment first - both GTK and dia can be downloaded from the above link.

  Make sure rest of Chapter 3 course reader, up to current lecture is complete  

Chapter 4


Download and Install devcpp or a similar CPP on your home computer, you may use the computer science lab instead. Links are on index page

Complete and hand in Pages 4-6. and 4-7;


Bring your course reader to class Will be checking chapters 1 and 2.

Will be breaking up into group to do the chapter 3 logic problems.

ec Complete the assignments in Appendix A & B in your course reader.  

Complete Assignments 3-22, 3-23; hand in hard copies on class

You don't have to do the flowcharts on a computer

10 Complete and hand in 4-11, 4-12 and 4-15  
11 Make sure you have filled in your entire shrink wrap up to and including Chapter 4  
12 Complete your shrink wrap up to and including Chapter 5  
13 Chapter 6-5..6-8 Email or hand in copies of these  
14 Complete shrink wrap for Chapter 6  

Write flow-chart and program for 7-4 - may give you time to work on this in groups.

If you haven't already done 7-4 complete the program on page 7-4 and email or hand in a hard copy

16 Write a Program for 7-12, (You don't need to complete flow charts - numbers in shrink wrap are right) 12/2
17 Hand in copies of 7-20 to 7.22 (You don't need to complete flow charts) 12/2
18 Make sure you have complete all of Chapter 7 Shrink Wrap 12/2
19 Complete the programs on page 8-19 and 8-20; 12/9
19 9-19 is the last page of the Shrink we will cover your shrink wrap should be completed up to and including page 9-19. Will be checking shrink wrap during final, bring shrink wrap with you during final.