CS1B: Introduction to Programming: C++ Summer 2008
Assistant Professor T. DeDonno Final 7/31/2008 11:30-1:30 SME301

Tues/Thur 9:30-1:25 SME301

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CS1B Intro Programming C++
Covers the basics of C++ programming, prior programming and logic programming experience is required. Also CS1A is the normal prerequisite.
SQL (i.e., Structured Query Language) has become the defacto standard for communicating to a RDBMS (Relational Database Managerment System). RDMBS have become the mainstay database system for holding date. Class is offered both Spring and Fall.
CIM7A Intro Java
CIM7A is a first class on the Java Programming language, it is offered most Fall semesters. Course can be used as transfer credit to CSU system. CS1B and CIM7A are similar classes but CS1B covers C++ and CIM7A's covers Java.. CIM7A uses same book as CS4A.
CS4A Advance Java
Offered every Fall, prerequisite is 1 year of C++ programming or CS1B. or CIM7A. CS4A Covers advance features of Java, Java Syntax, control structures, arrays, file I/O, recursion, dynamic data structures, generics, exceptions, classes, and methods.

Course is required for all UCI CS Transfer Majors. Java and C are the two most used programming languages. CS4A uses same book as both CS4B and CS1D.

CS4B Java Internet Apps
.Prerequisite is CS4A or 1 year Java Programming. Advanced internet and Web related concepts of Java including: Applets, Advance Swing, Threads, Database, JSP, and Sockets. First part of course covers Applets, HTML and Swing.

Second part of course covers advance topics such as MVC (Model View Controller) design Pattern, JDBDC/MySQL JavaDatabase and Threads.