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In CS4B Java Web Programming
In first half of CS4B Java Web programming we cover OOP, HTML Web pages, Java Applets and GUI Programming (Swing/AWT). In the second half we cover: threads, network programming, database (SQL - JDBC), Server Side Web Programming (J2EE/Glassfish), Server-side Web Scripting JSP/Beans, Java Web Frameworks and MVC Design Patterns.
Tag Description
<a> Anchor href="URL Link"
<body> Start Web Page Body
<br /> Line Break
<em> Emphasize Text
<h1> Strongest Header, <h6> weakest
<hr /> Horizontal Rule, line
<li> list Item
<ol> <ul> ordered list and unordered
<table> Start a Table
<tr><td> tr start table row, td start table data

HTML Cheat Sheet.

Object Of Kind
out JSP writer
request HttpServletRequest
response HttpServletRespose
session HttpSession
application ServletContext
config Sevlet Config
page Object
pageContext Page Context => is responsible for generating all other implicit objects.

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Structured Query Language (SQL) has become the standard for communicating to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). RDBMS have become the defacto standard for organizing data. MySQL is a fast growing RDMBS and also has a library that supports sending SQL commands to its database using the PHP scripting language. Recently Sun Microsystems has purchases MySQL. This will help expand the roll of MySQL beyond a popular Web Database system, into a more mainstream fortune 500 database. CSB4 uses the same MySQL RDBMS as cimw 105.

CS1D Data Structures in Java

Both CS4B adn CS1D are offered every Spring. CS1D covers the middle data structure chapters in the Liang Java Book, CS4A beginning chapters, CS4B later chapters, more specifically...

  • CS4A Chapters 1-12, 18-21
  • CS1D Chapters 22-28 and data structure topics
  • CS4B Chapters subset of: 8, 13-17, 29-40
  • See schedule for more details

CS1D covers basic concepts of data structures and related algorithms. The abstract data types of lists, stacks, queues, strings, binary and general trees, multidimensional and sparse arrays, and graphs will be discussed and implemented using a contemporary programming language. Recursion, searching, and sorting will also be examined.