Office Hours
Professor Tom DeDonno Contact Information

Fall 2016 Office Hours
E-mail: or send to just one not both also include class identifier (i.e., DW, Java, SQL, PHP ) in subject header

  • Thursday 4-5PM BGS 246/BGS248
  • Wednesday 12-4PM Online, can share computer screens and set up phone bridges.;

Office Number 949 582-4817 but I only check phone messages on Thursday, e-mail is best way to reach me.

BGS248 IMC Lab Specialists Fall/2016 Hours
  • Tues/Thurs 8:30-3:30 Jill Reiche (Dreamweaver/SQL/JavaScript/HTML/CSS); 3:30-8PM Lynn Preston (DW/HTML/SQL/JavaScript)
  • Mon/Wed 8:30-3:30 Son Vu (Java/SQL); 3:30-8PM Daryl( Dreamweaver/SQL/PHP/Java/JavaScript)
  • Saturdday 9-1PM Sun Vu (closed Friday)
  • lab closed Holidays 9/5, 11/24-11/27 last day lab open is 12/18

  • Chris (Basics)
  • Florence Lee (DW/HTML)
  • DW is Dreamweaver on line Web-casts

Some class will have Web-casts at CCC Confer, passwords and times for Web-casts will be posted under blackboard announcements, blackboard announcements are automatically sent to your Saddleback e-mail account