Tutor List
Campus Help....
Check my Office Hours - I also list IMC lab aides and their proficiencies. But remember assignment page is your course guide for all classes
Farnaz in LAP - Learning Assistance Program is also good with Dreamweaver.
Computer Science Lab SME 346 have strong backgrounds in programming (i.e, Java)
Help with Blackboard
You can also reserve a tutor listed below, going rate is $15-$20/Hour
Name Contact Courses
Justin Quinn jaydeequeue@gmail.com cimw110a/b, Flash, cimw100a HTML, Java
Tom Adams twadams747@hotmail.com cimw110a/b Dreamweaver
Haleh Shirazi hshirazielahi0@saddleback.edu cimw110a/b Dreamweaver
Anne Jacobson edu1a@yahoo.com cimw110a/b Dreamweaver some CSS
Darly Jacob djacob9@saddleback.edu cimw110a/b Dreamweaver, Java
Konstantin Budnikov kbudnikov0@saddleback.edu cimw110a/b Dreamweaver, Java, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Don Atzberger arf.images@gmail.com cimw110a/b Dreamweaver, JavaScript