Estimated Cost of Attendance

How Much Does It Cost to Attend Saddleback College?

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The Cost of Attendance is only an estimation of the cost of attendance for a student attending at least half-time (6 or more units). 

It takes into account the cost of enrollment fees (based on California resident tuition), books, supplies, food/housing, transportation, etc.

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Cost of Attendance — 2022-2023 Academic Year

6 or more units
Living with Parent(s)
Away from Parent(s) 
4.5 months
1 semester
9 months
2 semesters
12 months
3 semesters
4.5 months
1 semester
9 months
2 semesters 
12 months
3 semesters
Fees $713 $1,426 $2,136 $713 $1,426 $2,136
Books/Supplies $576 $1,152 $1,536 $576 $1,152 $1,536
Food/Housing $4,680 $9,360 $12,480 $8,892 $17,784 $23,712
Personal/Misc. $1674 $3,348 $4,464 $1,962 $3,924 $5,232
Transportation $513 $1,026 $1,368 $468 $936 $1,248


Additional Cost of Attendance Factors:

  1. Nonresident Students:
    • Enrollment Fee: $295 per unit
    • Capital Outlay Fee: $25 per unit
  2. Child Care, if considered in your Cost of Attendance, will be based on actual expenses while school is in session.
  3. Cost of Attendance may be adjusted for documented extraordinary circumstances.
  4. Health Fees-on campus classes
    • $23.00 per semester (Fall and/or Spring)
    • $20.00 Summer semester
  5. All fees and tuition are subject to change without notice.

      **Optional fees: 

What can financial aid be used for?


Financial aid can be used only for educationally related expenses while attending Saddleback College.  This includes “direct” expenses such as tuition, mandatory fees, and books. Other expenses included “indirect” expenses such as room and board (rent, food, utilities, household supplies), transportation (bus fare, gas, emergency vehicle repairs), and personal/miscellaneous.

Financial aid is available to assist eligible students by minimizing the financial burden of attending college.  It is intended to pay for expenses that are incurred as a result of going to college.

For information on how to establish a budget and how to manage your finances effectively click here.

Financial aid funds MAY not be available at the beginning of each semester due to grade posting and/or processing timeline to determine student’s eligibility. Students are encouraged to be prepared to pay from their own resources books & supplies.