Events and Workshops

In-person Financial Aid Workshops have been canceled until further notice. However, we are offering virtual workshop resources below to assist you during this time!

Financial Aid Application Workshops

Financial Aid Application workshops provide one-on-one assistance in completing the financial aid application. If you need assistance in completing your financial aid application, you may access our one-on-one Zoom meeting by visiting:


Financial Aid Paperless Profile Set Up Workshops

The Financial Aid Office is pleased to announce that you can submit required documents from any electronic device! It is fast and secure! If you need assistance in creating and verifying your new online profile, you may access our one-on-one Zoom meeting by visiting:


Financial Aid Orientation Workshops

Financial Aid Orientation provides students with a brief overview of the financial aid process and the various forms of financial assistance available.

To attend a Financial Aid Orientation Workshop virtually you may click here:


Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy provides a fun way to learn how to manage various financial resources to help make your money count. For an interactive course on financial literacy please create an account at: . This website will teach you what financial literacy is, how to create and adjust a budget, understanding financial aid, how to maintain good credit, a review of various campus resources and much more!

To watch an informational video on budgeting basics, you can watch this video: