Disbursement Options

Choose your Financial Aid Disbursement method


Saddleback College has partnered with NelNet for students to receive their financial aid disbursements in the following three methods: 

  • Your bank account via ACH direct deposit 
  • Direct deposit to a reloadable debit card of your choice
  • Paper Check

Choose how you will receive your financial aid funds by authenticating and verifying your identification by logging into your MySite account. If you will be choosing direct deposit to your current banking institution or to a reloadable debit card of your choice, please have available your bank routing information (found on the bottom of your check or deposit slip). To ensure you receive funds as soon as possible, students are encouraged to sign up for one of the three methods as soon as possible. 

How to select a refund method:


Step 1: Log into MySite and click on "My Information" on the top utility bar.

            *It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Step 2: Click on Financial Aid Status. *You may need to allow pop-ups in your browser window.

Step 3: Click on "Financial Aid Disbursement Method". 

            *Allow for pop-ups(usually accessible in the upper right corner of the browser address bar)

Step 4: Verify your profile information that was passed into the NelNet system from your MySite profile and ensure it is accurate and complete. Enter a secondary email address and click next. 

Step 5: Set Up your security questions.

Step 6: Opt in or out of text messages. *Carrier rates may apply.

Step 7: Select your disbursement (refund) method and click "Save". *It is recommended that you select direct deposit to your own personal bank account or reloadable debit card of your choice, to ensure you receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Your refund selection is now complete! 

You can log into MySite at any time to edit or remove your refund method, edit your profile, view history of refunds, profile changes and email notifications.