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The Faculty Center is part of the Division of Online Education & Learning Resources.  

Whether you are a new faculty member or been with the college awhile, some tools are invaluable to your work.  Here are a few college tools at your finger tips.  To access these tools, you will need your Saddleback email account.


The SOCCCD portal.  MySite is a secured online resource for your information.  Here, you can access your class schedule, class roster, view statistics, manage APC codes, submit grades, verify leave balances, review your pay stubs, and more. 

  • Class Roster - your class roster is posted online via MySite.  Your class will be officially close for open enrollment about 24 hours before the first class session.  Download your class roster within the 24 hours prior to your first class session.
  • Add Permit Codes - The Add Permit Code (APC) is an electronic method for students to add your class with your approval during the registration process and until the code expiration date. 

    Follow this link for instructions how to do the above tasks.

  • Progress report (video) - If you have not used this yet, you should!  This is a great way to communicate with your students about the progress (positive and prompting feedback) throughout the semester.


College Email

College Email. This is your college email portal. All faculty members at Saddleback College are issued an official email address. Most college announcements and pertinent information will be sent to you via this email address.  Your email address usually starts with the first initial of your first name plus your last name followed by

During your vacation time, students will contact you by email about grades, and getting into your classes.  To avoid frustration for both you and your students, you may want to add a "vacation" message via Exchange, follow this instruction.

  • Email students: All students are issued an official email address. As an instructor, you can send announcements and pertinent information to your students using one of these method below:
    • Group email system via MySite, follow this instruction.
    • From Saddleback exchange email, enter into recipient box (To:) FA(5 digits ticket#) where  FA = Fall; SP = Spring; SU = Summer.  For example:
    • If you are familiar with using Canvas, you can also send email to your students.
  • Mobile Devices: You may sync your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Blackberry to work with your Saddleback College exchange email account.  All mobile devices have instruction manual for you to read to fully understand your device. Follow these instructions to set up your device.

Tip: To learn about how both faculty and students can communicate more effectively via email, check out Saddleback Netiquette Tips.

Phone and Voicemail

You will receive a college telephone extension through your Division upon request.  Overall, the best way to communicate with your students is via email as it will provide you with written documentation of your exchange.  You may simply want to put a greeting on your voice mail box referring students to your email address. Please contact your division if you have any questions.

Faculty Profiles


Saddleback's courses are powered by Canvas.  Canvas is course management system designed to present course content - either in a full online, hybrid or enhanced way.  Only students enrolled in the class can see content.  Course shells will be created automatically by ticket number.  To log in to Canvas, instructors will need to have their Saddleback account. User Name: The first part of your email address before the Password: Same as the password you use to log on MySite, the default is the last four  digits of your social security number plus two digits of zeroes.  
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