Faculty Center

Move your classes online!

The Faculty Center staff, Valerie, Vivian and Thomas, will continue to assist you with your needs remotely. 

Make an appointment with one of us for focused one-to-one assistance with your online class design and implementation needs.  We would be happy to help.

You can email us with quick questions at scfacultycenter@saddleback.edu

Need a quick start?  Check out these helpful videos!

Get started with Canvas quick videos


ConferZoom Communication



If you have already taught online, hybrid or have previously completed the Online Educator Certificate and/or are just  interested in learning more on your own without any compensation, you are always welcome to check out the brief self-help short videos available below or use these Additional Canvas and Zoom tutorials


Preparation tips for future emergencies:

  1. Keep a few generic - can be plugged in anywhere - assignments handy.
  2. Use the above tools throughout your semesters so you and your students are familiar enough with them to continue their learning should the need arise to use them exclusively.
  3. Create a little 'drill' once a semester.  Make it an assignment.  Tell your students they've experienced some disaster and they need to log in to Canvas to complete their assignment or communicate with you in some way.
  4. Play around with one or two tools that you think would come in handy.  Become adept.  You don't need to learn every tool there ever was in Canvas to continue holding class if there were an emergency.  

Additional resources: