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Session 508
Accessible design is a design process in which the needs of people with disabilities are specifically considered and required by law. Section 508 Amendment

Faculty Center Accessibility Resources available to you at Saddleback

The Faculty Center is part of the Division of Online Education & Learning Resources.  

Ally Canvas Integration

Students are now able to download "alternative formats" of your files, such as MP3 or a mobile-friendly version, by selecting the dropdown icon next to the file name and choosing a version of the file most appropriate for their devices and need.  Instructors also have feedback and course accessibility reports to view and address required revisions within Canvas.

Faculty can now check their courses for accessibility.  They receive a score for the entire course as well as individual content.  Here is a quick video tutorial about how to use Ally with your course.

YouTube Captions

Did you know that you can upload a .txt script file with your videos in YouTube and it will caption/ and sync with your video on the fly? Here's more information about the captioning options in YouTube.

ReadSpeaker and TextAid - Built into Canvas

Readspeaker screen reader:  
Located on the left side of the screen, in the lower section, you should see a small arrow.   If you click the arrow, it will open up the built-in screen reader.  You can use this to check your course pages for accessibility.  This is also a tool used by students with visual impairments, ADD, dyslexia, etc.  

What is ReadSpeaker TextAid?
TextAid is a literacy software that uses text-to-speech technology to allow students to listen to an audio version of any written content while following along with the highlighted text.

Students can:

  1. Create a document library and retrieve them anytime
  2. Highlight text within documents
  3. Listen to scanned documents, texts and images
  4. Read in multiple languages
  5. Look up words or perform web searches
  6. Writing assistance:  Have words read back as you type
  7. Screen mask and enabled reading ruler to focus on specific parts of the text
  8. Enable the talking calculator.

Grackle - Google Docs and slides accessibility checker

When you use the Saddleback Gsuite (Google Docs and Slides), you can use the built-in accessibility checker to be sure you can Google accessibly.  

DE Captioning Grant

The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant (DECT) provides CCCs with funding for live and asynchronous captioning and transcription as a means of enhancing the access of all students to distance education courses. Further, the DECT promotes and supports awareness of available funding as a means to support faculty efforts to develop high-quality, media-rich distance learning courses. Now available through 3cmediasolutions.org.

Contact us! 

The Faculty Center staff will work with you on an individual basis to help you design your online course materials to be accessible!


The Saddleback DSPS office would like everyone to know that: “Academic Accommodations cannot be denied.  Alternative strategies can be planned with the DSPS Counselor.”  

Tutorials and more resources:

Visit CCC Accessibility Website for details from the California Community College Chancellor's office

W3C - Web content accessibility guidelines and information and checklist