Faculty Center - Faculty Resources & New Faculty Info

Welcome to Saddleback College Faculty Center!  

The Faculty Center is part of the Division of Online Education & Learning Resources.   We are available to assist you with your Instructional Technology needs.  Feel free to meet with us to go over any questions you may have!  We'll be happy to get you started.  We are located in BGS 249.

Keep your eyes open for our class offerings throughout the semester.  Remember to click on the other menu items located on the right.  

The information below refers to campus technology tools and services that are available to you.




Campus Tools

Tools that you need to have access to such as college portal, email, course management systems, webpage and faculty profiles

Technology Class Schedule

Faculty Technology Class Schedule - Throughout the semester, we offer FREE classes to Faculty wanting to learn more about technology.  Be sure to check back for class offerings!

Classroom Management

Resources you need to help you run your class smoother such as getting your Employee ID card.  You will need your employee ID card to make copies and duplication your class materials.  Familiarize yourself with the audio visual in the classroom prior to class starts is highly recommended.

Campus Resources

Get to know your way around Saddleback College and get your parking permit prior to semester begins.