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Self-paced workshops

To enroll in the ongoing - self-paced classes below, please email to scfacultycenter@saddleback.edu: 

  • Introduction to Teaching with Canvas
  • Design examples and templates
  • Quick Start with Canvas and Zoom
  • Proctorio Online self-paced class: Interact with Proctorio like a student

Fall 2022 Faculty Center Workshops

Liquid Syllabus - Humanize your online classes

Are any of these phrases familiar to you: "pre-course communication", "liquid syllabus", "teacher-student contract", "micro-lecture"? These concepts are encompassed in many current professional development courses being offered at the college and throughout the state.

Join us in this online workshop to learn how to use the technology tools you need to mix the ingredients that you already have into a digital format to create a welcoming, more human online experience for your students.

When:  Tuesday, September 6

Time:  12:00 - 1:30 pm


Create instructional videos on the fly!  Publish and edit captions in a snap

There is a variety of ways to create quick instructional clips.  This session will explore:

    •    How to use the options you have available at your fingertips to create videos.

    •    How / where to publish them for easiest/ most accurate captioning

    •    How to edit captions

    •    How to embed videos in your course to be accessible on desktops and mobile devices.

Date:  Thursday, September 8

Time:  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Using Canvas rubrics to achieve better outcomes on project based assessments

Student outcomes got you down?  Have you created great project based assessments and student outcomes did not end up what you expected?  Canvas rubrics can help.  This session will cover:

    •    How to create a great rubric for project based assessments in Canvas

    •    Samples of rubrics for project based assessments

    •    Grading with rubrics

Date:  Monday, September 12

Time:  12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Google sites

Pre-course communication - Humanize your online classes

Humanize interactions with your students by creating visually appealing and student-centered pre-course website communications.

There are many options for Saddleback faculty websites. We highly recommend using Google sites to create dynamic, mobile-friendly, engaging pre-course communication.

This class covers:

    •    Using Saddleback Google Sites to create dynamic websites

    •    Samples of great sites

    •    Best practices

    •    Hands-on getting started with Google sites

Date: September 19

Time:  1:00-2:30 pm


Using Jamboard or Padlet to create a creative collaborative workspace

Jamboard and Padlet are digitals interactive whiteboards.  Jamboard was developed by Google to work with Google Workspace.  It is great for brainstorming -- gathering ideas, sorting them by color, organizing them on different frames, moving them together, drawing lines to connect important ideas, etc. Give students a brainstorming space -- and, if it fits, let them collaborate, too!

Jamboard can be easily integrated into your Canvas courses.

This session will cover:

Ideas and samples in action

How to create a Jamboard and Padlet

How to share Jamboard and Padlet and embed Canvas

How to manage Jamboard and Padlet

When:  Tuesday, October 4

Time:  3:00-4:30 pm


Use Playposit videos to improve retention with targeted student interactions 

Interactive media increases retention rates, enhances student satisfaction, and keeps students engaged in course content.

Interactive video is… three times as effective as standard video - learners explore and apply new material at their own pace in a digital setting.  Playposit features responsive interfaces and flexible interactions.  It’s mobile friendly and is seamlessly embedded into Canvas. Playposit also provides data analysis, so you can track student progress.

What we will cover:

Defining the terms specific to Playposit

How to create “bulbs”

How to create and edit interactive activities

How to embed “bulbs” into Canvas

How to access and monitor student progress

Date:  Wednesday, October 12

Time:  12:30-2:00 pm


Pronto - a whole new way of interacting with your students right inside of Canvas 

Come join us for an overview of Pronto with Lauren, our Pronto CSM. She will take us on a tour of Pronto’s coolest features.

Pronto? What is Pronto:

Real-time messaging

Video chat

Task management


Instant language translation

Date:  Thursday, October 13

Time:  9:30-10:45 pm


External Professional Development Opportunities: