Recommended Semester Checklist

Semester Checklist


Customize and update your Faculty Profile

Tip:  Every faculty member has a Faculty Profile(Redperson icon) that is connected to the Online Class Schedule.  To learn more about how to manage your profile, please go to the following resources: How to Edit your Faculty Profile or the YouTube Video.  This is a great way for you to inform your students about you as the instructor and your class during the registration process.

Design your course syllabus.  Post it onto your Faculty Profile and/or course information page.

Tip:  Your course syllabus is your contract with your students.  Be proactive.  Create a course syllabus that carefully outlines your expectations, including your grading policies.  use the Course Syllabus as a template for traditional to fully online courses. Course Syllabus Template.

Check and respond to student emails during the registration process.  Use the Auto-Reply on Email.

Tip:  During your vacation time, students will contact you by email about your grades and getting into your classes.  To avoid frustration for both you and the students, you may want to add a "vacation" message via Exchange.  Note: Vacation Message.

Customize and update your Canvas course shells for all your classes (traditional to fully online).

Tip:  To log into Canvas, you will need to have a Saddleback College account.  New to Canvas?  Check out these helpful videos and other tutorials.

Explore and understand the many uses of your Faculty MySite. 

Tip:  At Saddleback College, MySite is the primary portal of information for both faculty and students.  As a faculty member, you can see your class schedule, get your class rosters, generate Add Permit Codes, check emails, change passwords, submit grades, order textbooks, access district/college forms and documents, and numerous other functions.  To log into MySite, you will need to have a Saddleback College account.

Order your textbooks and other resources through the college bookstore.

Tip:  As you begin to order textbooks and other instructional materials for you classes, work closely with the textbook publishers and your department chairperson/division dean.  You can order your textbooks online through the College Bookstore or via MySite.  Your textbook order will be posted on the online class schedule.  As a precaution, go to the College Bookstore to ensure that you book order is correct and in supply.

Download your class roster within 24 hours before the first class session.

Tip:  Your class roster is posted online via MySite.  Your class will officially close for open enrollment about 24 hours before the first class session.  Download your class roster within the 24 hours prior to your first class session.

Download the Add Permit Codes in advance of your first class session.

Tip:  The Add Permit Code (APC) is an electronic method for students to add your class with your approval during the registration process and until the code expiration date.  Access your class APC via MySite.  Download your APC in advance of your class first session.

Check out your classrooms prior to the first class sessions for configuration, equipment, and use of equipment.

Tip:  Most classrooms are fully equipped with audio visual equipment.  Be sure to check out this equipment before your first class session.  Find out what is in your classroom and how to use it.  The equipment will vary from classroom to classroom.

Refer students to college support and services that will lend to their academic success in your classes.

Tip:  To strengthen the academic learning and success at Saddleback College, please refer our students to this support: Student Referral.  You may include key information on this site in your course syllabus, Canvas, and Faculty Profile.

Stay connected to your division office.  Understand its specific processes and procedures.

Tip:  Consult with your department chairperson on department processes and procedures, including Student Learning Outcomes, the official course syllabus and textbook, and teaching/learning strategies.  Be proactive.  Whenever you are confronted with student challenges throughout the semester, seek the guidance of your department chairperson and/or division dean.  Work together to address any concern that you may face while teaching at Saddleback College.

Important College Extensions:

  • Emergency (Campus Police) - 949-582-4444
  • Emergency (Student Health Center/Crises Intervention) - 949-582-4606
  • Audio Visual - 949-582-4520
  • Campus Safety - 949-582-4585
  • Technology Support - 949-582-4600
  • Instructional Support  949-582-4515