Request External Application or LTI for Canvas

What is an external application or LTI?

LTI's, or Learning Tool Interoperability apps, are small third-party applications that can be added to Canvas to increase or improve student engagement without the need for students to log in to another site.

Why do I need to make a formal request to add it to Canvas?

LTI's are sometimes free, and can be installed individually by the instructor teaching the course.  However, many have costs associated with them.  In addition to potential costs, there are also FERPA, accessibility and/or security concerns to take into consideration before installing third-party apps.  


External apps integrated into Canvas should meet the following requirements:

What is the process?

After the request is made, a focus group (sub-committee from the Online Education Committee) will use an LTI criteria matrix rubric to review the LTI application.  If approved, the Faculty Center Canvas administrators will test the LTI within Canvas to be sure it works properly.  Note:  A pilot may be required to verify need and functionality.

To make a request to have an LTI added to your division or department, please fill out the required form.  You will receive confirmation.  Please keep the confirmation for your records.