Saddleback College Faculty have free zoom accounts.  They can be used through Canvas or directly.  Check out these helpful videos to get you started with using Zoom.

Get started with Zoom

Helpful Zoom resources for Instructional use:

How to use Zoom in Canvas:

If you would like to meet with one of us directly to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to reach out to scfaultycenter@saddleback.edu

Keep your cloud storage in check!  

Zoom is not a permanent location for instructional videos.  Be sure to download and save any cloud recordings.  

How to back up Zoom cloud recordings

Where should I put instructional videos I want to use within my course content? 

Saddleback College has many ways you can post your videos within the course.  Be sure you are creating short clips, no longer than 15 min.  If it's a large video, split it up into separate clips named with topics.  It's easier for you and students to refer back to.

  1. Canvas Studio
  2. YouTube
  3. 3Cmediasolutions.org - contact the Faculty Center for more details on using 3Cmedia.
  4. Let us help you!  Feel free to set up a meeting with one of us to go over the pros and cons of using each of the tools at your fingertips!