Blackboard Resources

The Blackboard Reference Guide is a basic guide to help instructors get started with Blackboard as well as online learning environment.


How do I get started with Blackboard?

Email and set up an appointment ith the Faculty Center Staff at

Who do I call for Blackboard Support?

You may call the Faculty Center:
Phone: 949-582-4515 or

For after hours Blackboard Support:
Phone: 866-940-8991 (toll-free)

How do I make my course visible to my students?

  1. Log into your MySite.
  2. Navigate to My Work -> Faculty Services -> Current Schedule.
  3. Click on the drop down menu next to Semester, and select the right semester.
  4. Your course listing will appear.  Click on Website link.
  5. Click on "Make the course visible to students on Blackboard".
  6. Your course will be visible to your students in the next two hours on the odd hours.

How do I export/archive my course? or How do I import my exported .zip file?

At the end of each semester, it is a best practice to backup the content of your course or archive the entire course including student records. Click here to download instructions.

I teach multiple sessions, can I combine courses?

Yes.  If you have multiple face-to-face sessions or A & D courses, you may request to have these courses combined; however, you have to make the request before the semester starts.

No. Fully online and hybrid courses cannot be combined due to the current college policy.

How do I remove discussion board posts now that I imported my course?

  1. Log in Blackboard and go to your course and do this for each discussion board forum:
  2. Click the Tree View option locates on the right corner of your discussion forum
  3. Click to Expand All to unfold all the threads
  4. Click the checkbox at the very top to select all posts.  (If you have beginning thread that you want to keep, unchecked the box/es)
  5. Click the Delete button
  6. Click OK to confirm “Delete Selected Threads?” pop-up box