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Summer 2021 Schedule

Ongoing - self-paced:  Introduction to Teaching with Canvas

Live session accessibility requests:  If you require specific accommodations (such as closed captioning for our live online sessions) please reach out to us within five business days so we can make necessary arrangements in advance of the class.


Canvas Plug-ins: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an interactive asynchronous video discussion tool that allows students to create and reply to threaded discussions verbally, as well as traditional formats.

This session will cover:

  • What’s new in VoiceThread
  • How to create VoiceThreads within Canvas
  • How to interact with VT's
  • How to grade VT

When:  Monday, July 19

Time: 4:00-5:30 pm



Get Going with Google Workspace

Discover Google Workspace with integrated options in Canvas.  Learn how to create engaging collaborative activities and assignments with this powerful suite.

What you will learn:

·       Log in to your Google Workspace account 

·       Embed a Google doc into Canvas 

·       Create a Google Workspace Assignment in Canvas 

·       Create a shared document that your students can use to collaborate on. 

Presented by the Faculty Center Team

When:Monday, August 16, 8:30 am
Where: Online


Canvas New Features & Updates

Canvas has been busy creating some new features to enhance the user experience.  The Faculty Center has also been busy during the summer testing out the new Saddleback Canvas server.  Join this session to: 

  • Become familiar with new features and upgrades
  • Discuss migration strategies and your timelines to move to the new Saddleback Canvas server 

When: Thursday, August 19, 8:30 am
Where: Online


Use Accessibility Best Practices to Create an Environment of Inclusive Learning

Accessibility ensures that all learners can engage in the content equitably.  Almost every application now has an accessibility checker built into its programming.  

This session will explore:

  1. Defining common terms (the standard jargon) 
  2. Canvas built-in tools such as Ally Accessibility reporting
  3. Microsoft accessibility checker
  4. Google / Grackle accessibility checker
  5. General best practices for creating and maintaining accessible courses

When:  Friday, August 20, 10:30 am
Where:  Online



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