Frequently Asked Questions

What is a budget amendment and how do I enter one?

After adoption of the final budget, departments may proceed to submit budget transfers to increase, decrease, delete or add new budget line items. This can be done by initiating a budget amendment in Workday. Amounts must be rounded off to the nearest dollar. A job aid and video on Budget Amendments are available in the Workday, Learning app.

What is a journal entry and how do I submit one?

Expenditures can be revised or corrected by processing an accounting journal in Workday. Cost centers may initiate an expense transfer but only employees with  journal preparer roles in Workday can create and submit journal entries. Cost centers may send request to the College Fiscal Office to assign journal preparer roles to department staff. Fiscal Office will then recommend the role assignment to District Fiscal Services. Upon request, individual training will be provided to journal preparers.

A job aid on Journal Entries is available at in the Workday, Learning app. 

How do I request to use the College’s Fiscal credit card, and what can it be used for?

The College Fiscal Office has a charge card that can be used by college departments to pay for urgent necessities, or when other payment options are not available.

  • The purchase must be for an immediate necessity.
  • Supplier will not take purchase order nor accept check payments.
  • The purchase amount must be $200 or less.
  • Prior approval from College Fiscal Office is required before submitting requisition.  Email requests are accepted.
  • Credit card users must be permanent employees.  Non-bargaining unit employees are not authorized.
  • The credit card must be returned to College Fiscal Office on the same day of use.
Please refer to the Saddleback College Credit Card Procedures in the Fiscal Homepage for step by step procedures in using the college credit card.

How can I calculate the cost of adding a new position?

An Employee Cost Worksheet (Example) is available on the Accounting site of SOCCCD’s Business Services SharePoint/Accounting/Accounting Forms/Policy & Procedures and is updated annually during the budget development process. Use this worksheet in conjunction with salary schedules or hourly rates to determine the additional benefits costs associated with adding a new position.

How do I make changes to an approved purchase order?

Use the change order form to make changes to an approved purchase order. You can change the amount or terms of the purchase order using this form. Once prepared, it should be emailed to your Dean/Director and copied to all College approvers with the request that the change be approved.

The Dean/Director should be instructed to forward the approved change order to Purchasing.