Master Calendar/Facilities-Use Rentals/Free Speech Area

Master Calendar

Master Calendar

The Master Calendar contains all Saddleback's events and activities.  If your event is not showing on the calendar please email Master Calendar at

Internal Requests (College Employees)

Internal Request

College and District faculty and staff, please complete the request form above to request classrooms/facilities and email to Master Calendar at

External Requests (Members of the Public)

External Request

Members of the public, please complete the request form above to inquire about renting facilities and email to Master Calendar at Rates are not currently available on this website as College services (i.e., setup/clean-up/custodian, pool attendant, police officer) will be customized for your event.  Parking can be negotiated within your agreement for large events only, and is currently $5/day.  A Certificate of Insurance (COI) in compliance with our District is required for all facilities-use rentals.  Please do not submit a COI with your request.  Requirements for a COI will be provided in your agreement after your request has been reviewed for availability and approved.

Free Speech Application (Members of the Public)

Free Speech Form

Saddleback welcomes members of the public to utilize the Free Speech Area.  The form above contains more details of location and process and must be emailed to Master Calendar at  Please note there are occasions when the area is not available.  The following documents are a few of the documents that govern Free Speech on campus:

  • Link to List of Free Speech Notice Boards and regulations pertaining the Free Speech Area
  • Link to BP-8000 Speech and Advocacy
  • Link to AR-1300 Speech and Advocacy
  • Link to AR-1311 Civic Center and Other Facilities Use
  • Link to Civic Center Act Ed Code 38130-38139.pdf