Forms and Documents

The following are forms and documents used by faculty, staff and administration.

The forms and documents on this page are intended for internal office use only.

If you are unable to locate the form you require, you may need to check on MySite for District related forms.  District forms are not public and should be accessed by logging into Mysite directly, once logged in, select My Work, Employee Services, Documents.

Administration Forms

Admission and Records Office

The following forms pertain to student records. Any questions about these forms should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Records.

The office of Admission and Records will accept forms through email.

For student record security, forms are required to be sent from district issued email addresses only. Forms from other accounts will not be processed.

District issued emails are "" or "".

To complete the forms below, please follow these instructions:

  1. Right click the form, select “Save as” and save the form onto your desktop
  2. Complete all the fields in the form
  3. Save the form as: “Student ID#- Name of Form” ex. 123456- Verification Request Petition
  4. Send the completed form through your district issued email to
  5. Subject heading for email: “Student ID#- Name of Form” ex. 123456- Verification Request Petition
  6. After approximately 7-10 business days you may check the status of your submission on the Petitions tab of your MySite account




Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

Vehicle Entrance.jpg

The Saddleback College Police Department is a service-oriented police agency. The Department is staffed by fully-sworn Police Officers, trained and regulated by standards established by the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission. The officers have the same authority as a Municipal Police Officer or County Deputy Sheriff.

Saddleback College Police Officers are responsible for patrolling campus grounds, taking crime and incident reports, conducting investigations, enforcing all applicable laws, traffic regulations and providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, staff and guests.

Crimes, suspicious activities, and any emergency should be reported to the Saddleback College Police Department. Saddleback College Police can be contacted at any time by calling (949) 582-4585 or at ext #4585 from any campus phone.

Andrew Craven, Police Operation Specialist can be contacted by calling the main office number.

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Friday 7:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday CLOSED.

Saddleback Campus - Hours of Operation - Administrative Regulation 3501

Student Safety, Health and Emergency Information

Public Information Emergency Information
Safety & Public Health Procedures for Emergencies
Forms Videos

Cisco Campus Phone System and Documentation

Getting Phone Support

How to Documents

Phone Preview PowerPoint Presentation or video tutorial.

For general operating questions and phone capabilities please view the appropriate documents below for your phone model.

Quick Reference Guides and Manuals

Cisco Phone

    Conference/Professional Development Forms

    Curriculum Office Forms and Documents

    Facilities, Maintenance & Operations

    Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Work Order System
    Use this system for reporting:

    • ALL maintenance issues
    • Requesting setup for events (tables, chairs, EZ-Ups, electrical lines)
    • Submit a work order to FMO


    Motor Vehicle Requisitions:

    All drivers must have a current Driver’s License Report on file in the FM&O Office and must adhere to the District Driver’s Policy; sections BP/AR – 3207

    Field Trips/NON-Athletic:

    For Field Trips or any event that is NOT an Athletic event, use the Motor Vehicle Use Requisition (FS#44).
    Fill in all fields. Have the form signed by the Dean, Director, or higher that you report to. Fax form to the FM&O office at 949-364-9461. Keep the original for your records.

    Athletic Events:

    For Athletic Events, use the Motor Vehicle Use Requisition – Athletics Only (FS#45) form. Fill in all fields. Have the form signed by the Dean, Director, or higher that you report to. Fax form to the FM&O office at 949-364-9461. Keep the original for your records.

    Vehicles will not be reserved on a permanent basis for any function.

    Foundation Office Forms and Legal Documents

    Graphics & Publications

    We provide services to faculty, staff, and our campus community with advertising, direct mail, publications, and marketing communications.

    We're pleased to offer a new online ordering system. Click on the 'Order Now' button in the sidebar menu on the right and follow the instructions on the Print Shop Pro WebDesk homepage.

    To access the college logo kit, college digital letterhead, Zoom backgrounds, PowerPoint templates, our graphics guidelines, and more — please visit the Saddleback College Graphics SharePoint page to download files as needed.

    If you have any questions please give us a call at 949.582.4510 or email us directly.

    Communication and Graphics Manual

    Saddleback College Communications and Graphics Manual





    Matriculation Forms and Documents

    Matriculation Forms and Documents

    Online Forms

    1. Saddleback College Prerequisite Evaluation Request
      Use this online form to submit a prerequisite evaluation request. Prerequisite clearance approvals (or denials) may be given by different departments, so evaluations can take up to 5 business days. Please plan ahead by submitting your request at least two weeks prior to your assigned registration date in order to avoid enrollment delays. Please see the Clearing Prerequisites webpage for all requirements and procedures.


    General Education Worksheets


      VP Instruction: Forms and Documents

      VP Student Services: Forms and Documents