Last year, Saddleback College Foundation joined #GivingTuesday, an effort that aims to harness the collective power of a unique blend of partners - charities, families, businesses and individuals - to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.

This year, on November 29, 2016, we will again take part in this international day of giving. On the day you can follow us on twitter and facebook, email us at and give to the cause using the link below.

Keep scrolling down for a newsfeed of the events of #GivingTuesday 

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#GivingTuesday News Feed :

#GivingTuesday website

Saddleback #GivingTuesday donation page



12.2.14 4.50pm

Jason, Gaurav, Shaine and Jake are members of the ASG International & Diversity Student Council #GivingTuesday_SC





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Jim serves on the foundation board, creating opportunities for students. 



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John Quinlan started his career at Saddleback College and, 30 years later, he’s still in the business. Read more about his path below  @KSBR885    





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Lydia has an amzing story..

"I am going to be the first to go to a four year institution of 28 children"

Lydia came to the United States 14 years ago from Uganda to pursue her educational goals. She is the youngest of 28 children. She began attending college, but due to non-resident fees, quickly accumulated debt. She struggled with homelessness, until a friend found her someone she could live with. Upon the suggestion of a professor here at Saddleback, she enrolled in the honors program, eventually serving as the President of that program. She also joined the Associated Student Government. She dreams of going to medical school, and says that Saddleback has made that possible. Scholarships she has been awarded whilst at Saddleback include the Gillian Marie Sabet Memorial Scholarship, the Rotary Club of Mission Viejo Scholarship, and the Ben Orel Memorial Endowment.




12.2.14 4.07pm

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Leslie is the outreach and recruitment director for Saddleback College. She recently had her head shaved to raise money for children's cancer research. Like this post to cheer her on and check out St Baldricks Foundation


12.2.14 3.41pm

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Students' dreams are realized here, says Dr. Don Rickner, executive director of the foundation #GivingTuesday_SC


12.2.14 3.06pm

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News Editor Emilie with some hot-off-the-press Lariat newspapers! #GivingTuesday_SC @lariatnews


12.2.14 2.56pm

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Estella, dean of community education and K-12 partnerships & Ed, grants analyst, work at Saddleback and have seen leaders shaped here! Like us on facebook if you've heard of College4Kids!


12.2.14 1.52pm

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"Student veterans are one of our country’s greatest human resources" Kamran, director of the student veteran council #GivingTuesday_SC


"Currently, I am pursuing a B.S. in mechanical engineering. I am also a staff sergeant in the Marine Corps, serving in the reserves as a combat instructor at the School of Infantry. In between school and military duties, I help develop laboratory equipment for Terra Universal, Inc.

When I returned from my tour in Afghanistan two years ago, I picked up where I left off at Saddleback. Like many veterans, making the transition from combat to college was challenging; however, Saddleback’s dedicated staff and resourceful special programs enabled me to excel.   As the Director of the Veteran Student Council, my goal is to advocate for the veteran student body and ensure that they receive the same quality support that helped me.

I strongly believe that student veterans are one of our country’s greatest human resources. They are goal-oriented and experienced leaders who have lived the concept of sacrifice for the greater good.  By investing in our student veterans, we will empower them to have meaningful careers and continue to be contributing members of our society. They have served us and now it’s our time to serve them."




12.2.14 1.05pm

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Our wonderful Auto Tech Dept. is making dreams come true for students like Bryce! 


Here are some testimonials from students:


"The Saddleback Automotive Department has not only provided me with a comprehensive education but with personal growth as well. The education I have received will present me with opportunities not only to succeed in an automotive profession, but has given me a sense of equality and the desire to encourage everyone to explore the possibilities that following your passion can offer."- Ashley

 "The Auto Tech program at Saddleback has been a defining first step towards my career as an automotive technician. All the instructors have a tremendous grasp on the information they present and diligently work to make sure every student builds a stronger understanding of this ever changing industry. Hands on instructing and learning have provided me with an advantage over other technicians while providing an affordable alternative to costly Automotive Specialist schools."- Ben

 "Studying in Saddleback College's AutoTech program has been a privilege. The Facility and faculty are first rate. I'm unware of any other school who offer students the opportunity to work in a shop with such a vast array of high quality, modern equipment at this price level."- David

 "The Saddleback Auto Tech program is first class. The instructors' unique, upbeat approach and personal industry experience bring a lively enthusiasm and inspiring insight to the educational process. I walk away from every class feeling like I've gained knowledge to which few are privy, and that no matter how ambitious my goals may be, I've got people who have been there already, willing to support and guide me every step of the way." Rob

12.2.14 12.57pm

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This is the lovely Judy from KSBR @KSBR885 Retweet if you're a listener! #GivingTuesday_SC #GivingTuesday


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Click here to see a video of Alexis Petrovich, Scholarship speaker 2012, and her amazing story.




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Felicia works in the Foundation office part time #GivingTuesday_SC





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For Victoria, the teachers at Saddleback made all of the difference #GivingTuesday_SC @lariatnews


Read more about the Lariat, the college's award-winning paper, here

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Audra is super-star staff & also a fundraising wonder lady with @maxloveproject #GivingTuesday_SC


12.2.14 9.30am

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ASG President Sarvy, proud to be at Saddleback & part of #GivingTuesday_SC RT if you know a Gaucho & college gets $1!


12.2.14 8.20am
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Alumnus of the year, Anthony Ferry kicks us off on #GivingTuesday_SC @Neudesic

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It's #Givingtuesday_SC! Learn more and give here! 

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We're joining the world in a global day to celebrate giving. RT and the College will receive $1! #Givingtuesday_SC

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Did you know there's approx. $7,447,000 unmet need in just one class year at Saddleback? 

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Help us raise $500! A generous donor has pledged $1 for likes or RTs we get on Dec 2! 

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Did you know, Saddleback College gave scholarships to 405 students this year?

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11.26.14 11:43am
Some #Giving Tuesday facts:
  • Last year, during peak hours, #GivingTuesday was tweeted as many as 700 times per minute
  • #GivingTuesday was a twitter trend for over 10 hours straight in the US on December 3, 2013
  • #GivingTuesday reached over 2 billion people on twitter and 300 million people on facebook in 2013.
  • This is Saddleback College’s first time as part of the #GivingTuesday movement
  • In the inaugural year, 2012, over 2,500 charities, volunteer organizations, corporations and foundations came together in all 50 U.S. states
  • Bill Gates, the White House, the Clinton Foundation and numerous socially-conscious celebrities publically supported GivingTuesday on their blogs and social media channels in 2013

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#GivingTuesday sparks conversations about giving & holiday, volunteerism & the power of community. Join us. 

11.25.14 12.01pm

How did #GivingTuesday start?

Seeing an opportunity to channel the generous spirit of the holiday season to inspire action around charitable giving, a group of friends and partners, led by the 92nd Street Y, came together to find ways to promote and celebrate the great American tradition of giving. The concept gained steam, and with the help of the United Nations Foundation and other founding partners, more than 10,000 organizations have joined the movement and are providing creative ways people can embrace #GivingTuesday and collaborate in their giving efforts to create more meaningful results.

SaddlebackLogo.png Saddleback College @GauchoGirl  ·  Nov 25

So excited to announce that Saddleback College is taking part in #GivingTuesday on December 2. Watch here for more.