Scholarship Program

Investing in the Future - Saddleback College Scholarships

Ask a student, “What is the biggest obstacle to completing your education?” and you get a variety of answers. The most frequent answer by far though is one word – MONEY.  While many think of south Orange County as a wealthy community where residents have everything, the financial needs of our students are great.  We often hear about students who are ‘couch surfing,’ living in their cars and even making homes in storage units.  They make these sacrifices in order to attend Saddleback to improve their lives.  

In an ideal world, students should not have to choose between having a place to live and completing their education, but sadly we live in reality.  The good news is, you can improve this reality by giving a scholarship. The scholarship contribution you make enables students to focus on their studies by removing a weight of concern about how they are going to pay for their classes or text books.  Your gift also provides encouragement: the knowledge that someone else cares enough to invest in them, and that often is the key to their success. 

Please take this opportunity to make a positive impact on our community by contributing to the Saddleback College Foundation Scholarship Program. You can make your gift online at or complete and return this downloadable form.  

For more information on how to apply for Scholarships please visit the Financial Aid Office.