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This webapge is a compilation of the ONGOING work being done to create a guide to teaching online.  Please note that information is being changed/updated/removed daily.  However, feel free to use this site as a resource until it is formally launched in late July 2014

Workgroup Members:

  • Kathryn Damm View Faculty Profile View Faculty website  (Chair)
  • Marina Aminy 
  • Jenny Langrell
  • Vivian Nguyen View profile for Vivian Nguyen
  • Karen Taylor
  • Maria Teresa Romero View Faculty Profile View Faculty website

Meeting Notes will be available here: /goe/handbook-workgroup-meeting-notes


Develop Faculty Guide for Online Education using supporting documents and research for best practices and tips.  Following rules and regualtions, this document should reference standards but more importantly quality and good online teaching technique.  Draft one to be published online by July 1.



To Prepare for July 23rd Meeting:

  • Please send Kathy Damm the content you would like to add to your assigned section
    • Please note that you should have received an email from Kathy with a copy of the outline we created July 16th and a reminder of your assigned topic.
    • It is not expected that the written text be perfect, we are looking for a draft utilizing the outside resources.  Cite when appropriate.
    • Keep in mind that we are focusing this document on "Best Practices" and therefore, using outside research or literature to justify recommendations would be ideal.  However, that may not always be possible and feel free to include recommendations that do not stem from the literature on Learning.
  • Use existing list of resources and feel free to reject any that you do not feel pertain.  Make sure to include or send me new resources you have found.


Important Links for "Guide to Online Education" Workgroup
Meeting Notes /goe/handbook-workgroup-meeting-notes
Resource List /goe/handbook-resources



Meeting Notes:


Agenda Notes
First Planning Session 6/9/2014
Make Guide Outline & Assign Content Areas 6/16/2014
Assign Left Over Content Areas & Review Drafted Content 6/23/2014
Draft of Guide to Online Education Complete 7/1/2014



Page updated 6/16/2014 (Kathy Damm)