Welcome to Saddleback College Office of Grants and Contracts!

The Grants Office is responsible for researching and developing grant proposals while providing leadership for the administration of grant awards at the college. The Grants Office assists with the development of budgets and all required reporting for granting agencies. Additionally, the Grants Office coordinates all grant applications sponsored by the State of California, Federal agencies and private foundations.

Grants Analysts are available to assist you with:

Pre-award Training and Assistance Services

  • Ideation/brainstorming
  • Identifying funding sources
  • Assist in development of program models & designs
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Securing institutional approvals
  • Submitting grant applications

Post-award Grant Oversight, Assistance, and Support Services

  • Contract development and review
  • Securing signatures on contracts & agreements
  • Assisting with funding agency approvals for budget transfers/modifications, change of scope and no-cost extensions
  • Liaison with program officer or representative at funding agency
  • Troubleshooting
  • Providing research, analysis, and internal reports when necessary
  • Monitoring compliance with terms of award, budget & grant agreement
  • Maintaining grants submission and award files for audits, etc.

This web page is designed to assist you and your department throughout the grant's development and management process. The Documents and Resources section provides you with forms, worksheets, the Grants Office Manual as well as other helpful materials.

Office of Grants and Contracts Principles


The Saddleback College Office of Grants and Contracts works with Deans and Faculty to pursue funding to ensure students are provided with “cutting edge” curriculum and supportive services -- helping them compete in the 21st century workplace and local and global economies.


The Saddleback Grants Office encourages strategic alliances with our sister campuses (Irvine Valley College and ATEP) as well as developing more significant relationships with other community colleges, businesses, workforce partners, and community non-profit organizations across California.  Successfully acquiring state and federal grant funds requires College faculty, administration and staff to seek opportunities to form strategic partnerships and to explore innovative “outside the box” educational programs.

Saddleback Grants Analysts work with faculty, administrators and classified staff to develop funding opportunities which support academic and career technical educational programs which enhance and support student education.


The Grants Office fully supports an integrated or regional approach to grant/program development so that financial resources, facilities, technology, and areas of expertise are combined to the benefit of students, faculty, the regional economy, and the ability of the state to attract and retain quality employers, students/employees, and businesses.