Handshake Staff / Faculty Help Center


Thank you for taking the time to explore Handshake for Saddleback College, our new career management platform for students. You provide a critical component supporting the educational growth and development of each and every one of our students as they navigate through their career journey. 

With your support, Handshake can be more than just another tech tool...it can become a place for career connections, exploring, securing employment, and ultimately an avenue to opportunity! 

Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer

Can staff / faculty / admin create a Student Account in Handshake to see what students see?

Yes, any campus staff can request a Student Account. 

  • Most faculty and staff will want a 'Student' account in Handshake so you can see what students see, view jobs and events in the system. If you want this account, follow these steps:

  • https://saddleback.joinhandshake.com/login
  • Do not use Single Sign On, find the link 'Sign in with your email' and click it. (Example)
  • Enter your email and follow the steps to confirm your email and set up your profile. You can use your @saddleback.edu email or a personal email here. If using a personal email, you'll be prompted to select 'I'm a Student or Alumni' and then enter your personal email again. 
  • Next, follow the steps to connect with/Add Saddleback College and submit your request
  • Finally, please email Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer,(link sends e-mail) and let me know you've submitted the request so I can approve you! 
  • After the approval, you'll be set to use your Handshake student account.
  • Steps: 1. Use the Submit a personal email to be used for the account on this Staff Request a Student Account Form
               2. I will create your student account within 24-48hrs and you'll receive notification by email when it's ready to go!

Can staff / faculty / admin Post Jobs and Career - Related Events in their Division / Department?

  • Yes, any campus staff can use their @saddleback.edu email to create an account in the Saddleback College Employer page to post jobs and events! 
  • Please contact me to discuss the best account access to meet your needs - Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer

Learn more about jobs, student applications, and closing your job posting

Step by step guide for posting on-campus positions:

  • Log-into your Employer Account in Handshake

  • Click the Blue Button - 'Post a Job' in the upper middle of the page
  • Now you'll be asked to enter all of the details about your job posting.
  1. First section 'Basics'

    1. Apply through external system opens an new area to enter the web url - this is where you can add the District Workday link.
    2. Job Title, Company Division (select the Campus Division where the job is located), Display Contact Info to Students all standard
    3. Job Type - select 'On Campus Student Employment'
    4. Employment Type - Full/Part Time
    5. Duration - Temporary/Seasonal lets you put in the start and end dates of the semester
    6. Is this a Work Study job? DO NOT SELECT YES, PLEASE LEAVE IT 'No' - we are not using this feature currently. 
  2. Second Section 'Details'

    1. Required documents - select what's required
    2. Does this position require U.S. work authorization? Yes or No
      • Selecting Yes opens two additional fields
        1. Are you willing to hire candidates that are temporarily authorized to work for a defined period in their field of study? (e.g. for a job/internship under OPT/CPT)
        2. Would you sponsor a work visa for the right candidate? and
    3. Does this job have specific offices that students can apply to? Select 'Enter office locations' 
    4. Job Location: You have to enter our school address - 28000 Marguerite Parkway
    5. Allow remote workers - select if applicable
    6. Description, How many students do you expect to hire?, Salary all pretty standard.
  3. Third Section 'Preferences'

    1. Leave these all blank!
  4. IMPORTANT - Fourth Section 'Schools'

    1. Use the search bar to search for 'Saddleback College' and select. If you do not select Saddleback College here, the job will not be seen by our students!
    2. If you 'Add All Schools', this posting will be pushed out to all schools using Handshake - not recommended.
  5. Final sections - Preview and Save/Submit

    1. Once you submit, the posting will receive a final review by Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer, prior to going 'live' to students.

Next steps after submitting a job posting...

  • REVIEW: Your job posting will then be reviewed and approved/declined by Eric Hilden, Career Placement Officer.
  • RECEIVE APPLICATIONS: Review the student applications as they come in and close the posting when you are satisfied with the applicant pool.
  • SHARE: It is now time to spread the word! Every posting in Handshake has a unique URL that takes viewers who are logged into Handshake directly to your job description. If you would like to make the URL publicly viewable to share via email and social media, you can add the text /share_preview to the end of your job posting URL. (example: https://saddleback.joinhandshake.com/jobs/5130079/share_preview

For additional assistance with posting jobs, check out the Handshake support pages for Employers here https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/categories/202707307-Employer

If you're having difficulty, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 

Eric Hilden, Career Placement