Honors Program

A new Admissions and Records Office schedule gives you (and us) more time!

Saddleback College Honors ProgramThe Saddleback College Honors Program is an interdisciplinary effort to develop exceptional talent, ability, and scholarship in highly motivated students of all backgrounds in all majors. 

Honors students include

  • Walk-In Students,
    who want to take only one or two Honors courses, and
  • Certificate-Track Students, 
    who aspire to earn the Honors Certificate and be eligible for priority registration, Honors counseling, and participation in Honors transfer partnerships.

No application is necessary to take Honors courses. They are open to all students at Saddleback College.

The full set of Honors benefits and privileges (special transfer consideration, priority registration, etc.) requires Certificate-Track status. To earn this, a student should submit an application as early as possible. At the latest, this needs to be before completing two Honors courses. See "How to Apply" for information.

Register here to attend our Summer workshops for prospective students, where both high school and continuing Saddleback College students can learn about the Honors Program.

We are happy to visit area high schools and youth programs to share information about Saddleback College and the opportunities this program offers. 

It is important that interested students apply as soon as possible. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Successful transfer may be postponed or even jeopardized if you wait.

  • Read "How to Apply" before beginning your application for Certificate-Track status.
  • If you are a Walk-In Student seeking to change to Certificate-Track status, you must submit your application before you complete two Honors classes whether or not you believe you are eligible based on GPA or English proficiency. Success in Honors classes and recommendations from Honors faculty are considered favorably in our holistic application review process. 

The 2016-17 Honors Student Council outreach team produced this look into the Honors Program over the summer of 2017. We are indebted to all the team members, especially host (and mastermind) Landon Wexler, now at Syracuse University, and tech wizard Zachary Taubman, now at Ohio State University. We hope they're not too cold (up/out) there, and hope they'll visit when they come back for some sunshine.

Student Privacy

When an individual of any age becomes a college student, all rights of parents and guardians under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act transfer completely to that student. Moreover, it is Saddleback College policy that students act on their own behalf.

  • Parents or guardians do not have the right to inspect a student's records or access information related to their attendance at Saddleback College.
  • Persons other than the student are not permitted to enroll, add/drop classes, request transcripts, or submit forms or records on behalf of the student.
  • This office cannot divulge any information concerning a student over the telephone, since we have no way of verifying the caller's identity.
  • This office cannot divulge any information concerning a student except to the student directly:
    • In person, with appropriate identification
    • In communication via the student's saddleback.edu email address.
  • To protect the privacy of their own counseling histories, students must make their own Honors Counseling appointments.

For further information, see https://www.saddleback.edu/admissions/information-parents.