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How to Apply for the Honors Program

We're glad you are interested in applying! You will need these documents and essays to complete the Honors Program application. Please have everything ready before you click the "Apply now" button.

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When to Apply:

Honors Program applications are accepted and evaluated throughout the year. Complete your application as soon as possible. Eligibility for honors transfer agreements may be jeopardized by a delay.  

If you have already enrolled in an Honors, there is a deadline: Submit your application before the end of your second Honors class. We do, however, strongly recommend that you not wait until that time. 


We want to serve highly motivated students from all backgrounds, whatever their journey so far has been. Essays and letters of recommendation are at least as important as GPA. If you have a GPA under 3.25, you will need to complete the program, or if you are not yet eligible for at least English 1A/1AH, you should discuss in your essay your strategies for success in Honors. 

If you have completed at least 12 college units, you don't need to submit high school transcripts.