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How to Apply for the Honors Program

We're glad you are interested in applying! You will need these documents to complete the Honors Program application. Please have them ready before you click the "Apply now" button.

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Due Dates:

Honors Program applications are accepted and evaluated throughout the year. Deadlines exist only for priority registration. See priority registration rules at the bottom of this page. Important: If you miss one of these deadlines, you should not wait until the next one. Complete your application as soon as possible. Successful transfer may be jeopardized by a delay

  • For Spring priority registration: September 1st
  • For Summer priority registration: February 1st
  • For Fall priority registration: one week before the deadline for that year's Freshman Advantage program




The Honors Program application asks about your GPA (high school or college) and your English course placement. Essays and letters of recommendation are at least as important as these, however. We want to serve highly motivated students from all backgrounds, whatever their journey so far has been. If you have a GPA under the 3.25 you will need to complete the program, or if you are not yet eligible for at least English 1A/1AH, you should discuss that and also provide your strategies for success in Honors. 


Priority registration has statewide regulations we must follow. Among these:

  • Priority registration requires matriculation. Review a  summary of the procedure
    Even if your matriculation status is listed as "Not Required" by the college, it is required by the Honors Program.
  • Priority registration does not apply to dual-enrolled students. Even if admitted to the Honors Program, students who will be attending Saddleback College and their K-12 school at the same time may not receive priority registration.
  • Priority registration is lost after 100 degree-applicable college units have been completed unless the Admissions & Records Office awards an exemption.